Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buzzkill: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Season to Season Bronzer Review

I've been dragging major ass on this review.  As you may or may not recall, I was hella excited for the release of the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Season to Season Bronzer!  I thought it looked like a possible alternative to the out-of-this-world expensive Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder.  I have to say though, whether or not it is comparable to Guerlain, I had to take this sad puppy back to the pound (the pound in this case being Rite Aid).  After experiencing what is the awesomeness of their regular Bronze Booster (review here) this was the complete opposite.  Get the full tale after the jump!

What initially attracted me to this product was the concept.  No matter how light or deep our natural skin tones may be, we all change tones at least slightly going from one season to the other.  It's rather convenient to have varying shades of bronzer in one product to be able to customize your bronzing throughout the year. 

This bronzer has 4 different shades, each one named for the season of its intended use.  Now, of course depending on your own personal skin tone using each individual section in its respective season won't be feasible for most of us.  But what this does allow you to do create what shade of bronzer is perfect for you at any given time of the year.  For instance, maybe your perfect winter bronze is the winter and spring sections mixed together with a dash of fall.

L-R:  All shades mixed, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Problem #1:  Pigmentation.  You can barely see the swatches on my arm but the bronzer is non-existant on my face.  No matter what individual shade I used or if I used them mixed together, nothing.  For reference, right now I'm around an NC37/40....there's no reason a bronzer shade calling itself 'Medium-Dark' wouldn't show up on me.

Problem #2:  Shimmer Explosion.  There is a lot of shimmer in this bronzer.  It's not chunky or anything, so it's not going to turn your face into a glitter bomb.  The problem here is that the shimmer isn't suspended very well in the powder, so as soon as you touch your brush to the product shimmer goes everywhere.  And forget about blending it onto your cheeks because all you're going to see is a shimmer cloud spinning in front of your face.  Not only is it messy but between flying off the compact and flying off your brush none of it really makes it onto your face.

Bottom Line:  Amber....will stick with the first Bronze Booster!

I've been on a roll lately with Physicians Formula so I guess the fun had to stop somewhere.  I'm still loving the brand though as every rose has it's thorns (yea, I was singing as I typed that lol).  I just picked up their new Kohl Kajal Liner Trio so hopefully that will build my PF spirits back up!

Till next time, love ya madly <3
Amber Joy


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