Welcome to the Amber Likes Beauty blog and thanks for visiting!  I hope you stay a while :)  My name is Amber Joy and I started this blog not only to document my own journey in makeup mania but also to contribute to the beauty blogging community.  I don't think there can ever be enough swatches and opinions on different products, so why not put up some of my own?

Amber Likes Beauty is focused around all things beauty.  Of course that means cosmetic-centric musings, but also inner beauty and health as well and you will find posts regarding such as there is much more to the world of beauty than mere makeup.

I like to focus most of this blog on the average, everyday kind of girl, as that's what I am and thus lies my personal experience.  Many of the products you find discussed here will be budget-friendly while a majority of the makeup looks will be suitable for day-to-day life.  I love sporting a whole rainbow of shadows on my lids, but it's a little difficult going to work like that, unless of course your job is awesome lol.

I love discussion and feedback so please don't be shy!  Leave a comment, contact me, anything, anytime!  

Amber Joy <3


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