Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer Review

My dream is to find products that are legitimately waterproof.  I sweat so much that there are many times that I won't even bother putting on makeup because I know I'll just sweat it all off.  So a waterproof concealer perks my interest very much, and that's where Tarte's Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer comes in.

This guy is a stick concealer that comes in a sleek bullet-style casing.  It's on the thinner side, making it good for travel or just throwing in your purse on-the-go.
One thing that bugged me before trying it was that it didn't seem to come with a lot of product.  It only scrolls up a teensy bit more than what you see in the picture.  According to Tarte's website, it houses 0.07 oz of product....yea.  That ELF concealer I reviewed a few posts ago?  It holds 0.7 oz.  That's kind of a crazy difference.  But whatever...
I chose the shade in Medium, which is obviously too light for my face but works alright under the eyes for a brightening effect.  I'd say it leans yellow, but not terribly so.  

Applied under my eyes, I didn't notice any creasing or settling into lines.  It went on with minimal tugging as well.

So was it waterproof?  That I couldn't tell you.  Why, you may ask?  Because, although when you first swipe this under the eyes it looks pretty pigmented, as you blend it in it goes very sheer.  Probably sheerer than any concealer I've ever owned.  It was very bizarre.  My undereye darkness shined right through it as if there was nothing there.

No matter how I tried to blend it, it still pulled a disappearing act.  So you see, I didn't get to see if it was waterproof or not, but there was nothing really there to begin with.

Bottom Line:  Amber's Just Not Into This!

This product was utterly useless and I really don't have anything good to say about it.  I've seen a lot of positive reviews on this, though, so maybe I got a bad tube...

You can find more information on this product on Tarte's website.  It retails for $22.


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