Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sample Sunday: Fortune Cookie Soap's Vampire Blood Body Wash

You may have noticed that there was no Sample Sunday last week.  That's because I was laying back on the beach for the weekend before the hurricane comes by and ruins everything!  But even there I was still testing out products, FCS's Body Wash in Vampire's Blood to mention one of them. 

If you recall, I received this in the Halloween Soap Box this month, and since it was sample size, I figured it was the perfect size to travel with.  

Vampire's Blood is actually translucent black in color, which is kind of cool.  I smells like black cherry in the bottle, but on my skin it also had a hint of the traditional soapy smell along with the cherry, which I found very pleasant.

The biggest thing for me was that it didn't dry out or bother my skin.  My skin is very sensitive to me changing body washes and there have been many times when a new soap has made me break out it in itchy rashes all over the place.  This was not an issue at all with Vampire's Blood.  I was even more please that it didn't leave my skin feeling stripped or tight from loss of moisture.

Would I be interested in purchasing a full size, based on this sample?  Sure!

I'm pretty happy with my current Dove body wash, but if for some reason I wanted to change it up I wouldn't mind doing that with Vampire's Blood, or any of FCS's other body washes, for that matter. 

You can find more information on this body wash at the FCS website.  Full size retails for $10.99.


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