Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator Review

If you recall an earlier post, you may remember me going absolutely bonkers over the addition of Sephora's Bulls Eye Lash Applicator to the Sephora website.  False Lash Application is one of those "final frontiers" that I have yet to conquer, so anything tool that could potentially make it easier is a must-have for me!  Read on for more!

I'm sure you all can tell by the photo above that this is in no way your run-of-the-mill tweezer-like applicator.    I don't even know how begin describing this as it's nothing I've ever seen before.

I really like the larger space made around where it says 'Sephora'.  It gives your fingers a stable place to rest without fear that they will rock back and forth had it been made slimmer.

Let's discuss the material:
As you can see from the side, the arms of the applicator are very thin.  However, when you hold this it feels very solid and durable, not like something that will end up breaking or bending over time.  I believe it must be made out of some sort of metal.

The applicator is coated in a rubberized material similar to NARS's blushes giving your fingers a secure grip rather than slipping and sliding all over the place had it been a smooth plastic.
Instead of just a small tip, as is present with typical tweezers, it has a broad tip that's sort of shaped like a smile.  This shape is meant to better hold the typical band of lashes.

All these cool features sound great, but let's talk about how this actually works in the real world.  Yes, it does allow me to get a better hold on the lashes.  So that's one good thing, but unfortunately that's where the pluses kind of stop.

Once you set the lashes on your lash line, you still have to secure the inner and outer corners just like you would with a normal set of tweezers.  The thing is, the tip of this applicator makes it kind of hard to do more precision-type work like this necessary step, so I found myself still needing to pick up a pair of tweezers.  I thought the whole point of this applicator was to make false lash application easier.  What's the point if I still have to bust out my good old tweezers?

Bottom Line:  Amber sent this back :(

If the trouble you experience in false lash application is mostly with the initial placement of the false lashes, then this applicator might be of use to you.  But if you were like me, and thought that this applicator would solve all your falsies dilemmas, you might be left disappointed.

You can find more information about this at the Sephora website.  It retails for $12.


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