Friday, July 6, 2012

HOLY CRAP!!! Urban Decay Changes Their Mind About China!!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to you guys that Phyrra just reported that Urban Decay has decided against selling their products in China!!!!!!!!!

If you remember my post a while back, or have read any of the other rants that have been springing up you know that a lot of people, including myself, have been pissed at Urban Decay deciding to sell in China due to China's animal testing requirements.  The biggest problem I had personally was that the company had so long used their cruelty-free status as a selling point and had then decided to do something that seemingly went so against their principles.

I'm very happy to see that they've decided to change their mind about this.  It takes some balls (and/or a giant potential for profit loss) for a company as big as Urban Decay to say they were wrong and correct the situation.  I'm still a bit tiffed about how their PR handled the aftermath of their decisions, but at least I don't feel bad about using their products anymore :)

Read their official statement on not selling in China on their website here!


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