Monday, June 18, 2012

My First Look Bag (June 2012) Just Arrived!!

I've been window shopping at a lot of these beauty sample subscription services for a while now but up until a few weeks ago haven't taken the plunge. But my mom decided to gift me a 6-month subscription to The Look Bag because she's a client of Damone Roberts, the "Brow King" who happens to be the face of the service and I've been anxiously awaiting June's bag which was to be my first.  Well, it just arrived today and I couldn't wait to share its contents with you.  So without further ado.....

It came in a cute bag that reminds me of those wedding party favor bags.  Inside were 5 samples.
Also included is an postcard describing the theme of the bag and and it's included sample.  This month's theme is called Beauty Boom and is aimed at getting moisturized, glowing summer skin.
Samples in packaging
Samples Included:
  1. Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream (0.25 fl oz sample):  supposed to mimic the structure of natural skin lips, sounds cool (and fancy)
  2. Snowberry Cellular Regeneration Night Cream (0.14 fl oz sample):  supposed to replenish lost nutrients and encouraging normal skin growth.  I've never used a night cream so I'm excited to try!
  3. Korres Eyeshadow (0.06 oz, I think it's full sized):  the one I received was 49 Cypress Green.  It reminds me a lot of MAC's Club, but much more green.
  4. Prescriptives Lip and Eye Pencil Sharpener (pretty sure it's full sized lol):  I can always use another pencil sharpener!  This one has an adapter too for smaller pencils.
  5. Von Berg Professional Cosmetics Luxe Lipliner Pencil (0.037 oz, full sized):  this is the personal product I received that they apparently pick especially for based on your beauty profile.  The color I got was Riviera Nude which looks to me like a rust shade.  Its cool because at one end you have the pencil and the other you have a lip brush to blend the liner.  
Open samples sans packaging
I was interested in the Look Bag specifically because it seemed to put out a lot of samples from brands that I've either never heard of or haven't ventured in too far and this bag certainly didn't disappoint in that sense.  The only brands hear that I've heard of was Korres and Prescriptives but I really haven't explored either much.  I'm not big into change normally so I figured this was a good way to branch out and try things from brands I wouldn't otherwise have tried.

One complaint that I have with this though is that they didn't tell you the price of the full sized products and/or the price value of the samples you get.  I would have liked to compare the price of the bag ($10) to the value of what i got.  Clearly, that Korres shadow buy itself is probably more that 10 bucks, but I'd still have liked to know.

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes

Overall, I'm satisfied with the bag for this month, but I'm not overjoyed or anything yet.  I'm really not a lip liner person so that's most likely not going to get much use from me.  And the other products are just alright in terms of my initial interest.  But who knows, maybe I'll end up really liking one those skincare products?


  1. I'm glad you liked it! I still haven't received mine this month and just got an email saying it would ship June 1...kinda weird. Do you subscribe to any of the other bags? I also get the GlamBag, which comes in a cutesy little cosmetic bag each month. :)

    1. Hey tam-o!
      I got that email too. I was so confused but since I already had my bag I just ignored it.

      This is the only bag I'm subscribed to right now but I'm looking to get into more, especially Birchbox but there's a waiting list :(

      How do you like the GlamBag as far as the products you get?

    2. Hi ladies, I am a CS rep for The look bag and wanted to check in and see if you have gotten your bag yet. Please email if you need further assistance.

  2. Tam-O. I received the same email and have tried to contact customer service. I haven't gotten my bag yet either. I've tried MyGlam from Dec-May and canceled in May because from Feb-May, they were disappointing me with too little samples. The June bag was nice, but of course I had already canceled by then.

    1. Hi, ladyjade!

      It sucks you guys haven't gotten your bags yet. My mom heard they were sending them out later than they were supposed to but I figured they were all sent out by now :(

      Are you subscribed to any other ones beside MyGlam or Look? How do you like them if you are?

    2. Hi ladies, I am a CS rep for The look bag and wanted to check in and see if you have gotten your bag yet. Please email if you need further assistance.



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