Monday, March 19, 2012

Damone Roberts Brow Tint (Courtesy of Mama Likes)

A couple times a year my mother and godmother like to take a girls day in the Big Apple and be fabulous.  This fabulosity includes a trip to the Damone Roberts salon to get their brows done.  If you don't know who Damone Roberts is, ya betta ask somebody as he's the #1 brow stylist to the stars including Madonna, Megan Fox, and Robert Downey Jr. (random much? lol) among many, many others.  Even better he has salons on both coasts so us average janes and joes can get our brows did and get the star treatment for a change.  Damone also has his own line of products, among them being his Brow Tint.  Today we're going to take a look at the Brow Tint in Latte, which I borrowed from my mother for the purposes of review.

Damone Roberts Brow Tint Wand
(excuse my foot in the background lol)
As you can see, the brow brush isn't typical of most wands included in either brow sets or mascaras.  It is rather small and has a curve to it.  The curve surprised me when I first opened the product and I was admittedly a little intimidated.  My own experiences with brow tints are next to 0 and of the ones I have used the brush was straight.

However, I found the small and curved nature of the brush to actually give me more control, surprisingly.  Using the side of the curve I can easily comb my brows in the direction I want them to go.  Also, when I want more precise application I can turn the brush and use the outward bend of it.  So the shape of the wand was a win for me.

Damone Roberts Brow Tint in Latte swatch
As you can see, Latte is a dark neutral brown.  The fact that it's a neutral color is very important to me, as I find too many brow products that contain way too much red in them.  This isn't a problem with this brow tint.  You can also see that depending on the approach you take during application you can really get a large range of different results, going from larger general marks to more detailed, hairlike marks.

The ultimate reason I decided to do a review on this product even though it wasn't actually mine, was the results I saw on my mother after she came back from the salon.  Like me, my mom has sparse brows with no discernible shape that she doesn't know what to do with.  After a long time practicing, I've learned how to at least draw in my brows to make them look kind of okay.  But when I employed the same techniques on my mother it wasn't working out on her like it does on me.  So when she came back from the salon with awesome brows I saw why Damone truly was the Eyebrow King.
Mom's brows before
Mom's brows after
Aside from the actual shaping he did, he also used the Brow Tint.  What a dramatic difference, right?  

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes!!

Personally I prefer a brow pencil on my brows, but I've used this a couple times and I like it.  I think it's very brow newbie-friendly and my mom is comfortable doing her brows with this product every morning (and my mom is not a makeup addict like me, so this is all kind of new to her).  It will also be a success with those of you who are more experienced in doing your own brows as it offers so many different application options with it's brush shape.  You can find this brow tint here on Damone Robert's website for $22.  


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