Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Woohoo! New Real Techniques Brushes Coming!

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while now you may be familiar with my love for Sam Chapman's Real Techniques brushes, especially the Stippling Brush (review here).  So when I saw 3 new YouTube videos from the Real Techniques channel featuring new brushes my face just lit up!  Check them out after the jump!

Right now I don't see them up on, but I suspect they'll be up in the near future.  I won't waste your time trying to explain the brushes since 1) I haven't seen them yet except for the videos and 2) Sam does a much better job explaining in the videos.  So hear are the Brush Video Tutorials:

Expert Face Brush 

Fine Liner Brush

Setting Brush

I wish I had pictures for you guys but like I said I didn't see the new brushes on the website yet.  I'm most excited for the Expert Face Brush, it looks like it would be awesome for blush and contour applications with cream products.  It's not a brush so easily found in drugstores.  The Setting Brush reminds me a bit of the Mini-Powder Brush from the Ecotools by Alicia Silvertone Brush Set I reviewed a few weeks ago (review here). And it just so happens I've been in the market for an eyeliner brush like the fine liner brush for a while now so it looks like I'll be picking up all 3 :)

UPDATE 3/30/12:  The brushes are now on  You can find the setting brush here, the expert face brush here, and the fine liner brush here :)  You can find them at as well!


  1. Can't wait for them. I'm liking the Setting Brush. x

    1. Me too Angelica! It's seems to be the perfect size for highlighting.



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