Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Revlon Photoready Concealer Review

So I've been using this for a while now and finally feel comfortable enough to review the Revlon Photoready Concealer.  I've been back and forth on this product and, to be honest, I still don't know exactly how I feel about it.  It's one of those products that is pretty perfect in every way except for one HUGE problem.  Find out what that problem is and see a swatch after the jump!

Revlon Photoready Concealer - Medium
This product definitely surprised me at how creamy and pigmented it was, (the swatch above was just one quick swipe of the stick).  Stick concealers are definitely not known for having particular creamy textures, but this was definitely the exception.  This was very important to me as I tend to have dry undereyes so dry products that emphasize dry patches are just a no no.  It's also very blendable - you can use your finger or I like to use my Ecotool Concealer Kabuki to pat it out with very little effort.  And the best part is that it doesn't settle into my lines much, if at all!  Quite an accomplishment for a stick concealer!

Most importantly, it's the perfect shade for me to cover up my dark circles and look flattering under my eye. Personally, I need a yellow-peach color concealer.  Pink/Salmon toned concealers look gray under my eyes while straight yellow concealers cover a bit but not enough.  The color I got in the Photoready Concealer was perfect for me.  For reference, I picked the shade up was in Medium.  Medium blended in perfectly, not too light but not too dark at all.

I also really like the packaging.  It's very sleek and looks high-end.  When I need a concealer on the go I like to take this one since the cap stays secure and the product itself is a lot less messy to apply with my finger than a liquid concealer.

Now for the problem, and if you've used the Photoready Foundation you may already know what I'm about to say.  The concealer has shimmer in it, which I think is the most counter-intuitive concept that I've ever encountered in life.  Now, Revlon, let me explain some simple points that have somehow escapes you:

  1. Shimmer is placed on areas of the face you want to emphasize.
  2. Concealer is placed on areas of the face you want to, well....conceal.
Shimmer and concealer are 2 things that I feel should just not go together.  I put concealer on things that I want to cover up and not cause attention to.  If I'm trying to hide something, the last thing I'm going to do is pour glitter over it because that will make it stand out.  Now, since this product isn't called Photoready Undereye Concealer, I have to assume that it isn't formulated for just the undereyes.  However, while it's bad enough to apply this under your eyes, popping this on blemishes would be a nightmare.  

To Revlon's credit, the glitter isn't too noticeable until you step out into the sun.  In fact, I didn't realize it had shimmer at all until I was looking in my car mirror.  I also asked my friend if she noticed it on my face and she said no.  So, it's definitely not overpowering or distracting to other people.  And, as per it's name, it photographs wonderfully, which you can see in my Maleficent Homage and Eyes Wide Shut FOTDs.  It's just one of my pet peeves so the principle of it is what bothers me the most I think.  

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes...I guess.

The concealer is really great in most ways, which I think is what pisses me off the most:  When you get what seems to be a HG product and then you find it's one flaw.  Damn, damn, DAMN!  But obviously the shimmer isn't too big of a deal to make me stop wearing it, so I'd recommend it with a shimmer warning.  I'm also considering buying this a couple shades lighter and using it as a highlighter, since highlighters are where shimmer belongs, after all.

Do you have products like this, ones where they're great in every way except for one dealbreaker?


  1. My favorite concealer is by LA Colors called Mystic Concealer/Foundation stick. I use it as a foundation in a hurry, and it blends really well on my dry skin. It covers well for my under eye and blemishes, but it has a very limited color selection and can be hard to find. I get it at my Dollar General for $1.50, and I'm the shade "Beige."

  2. Hmmm, I think I could squeeze that in my budget for only $1.50 lol. I might have to stop by my local Dollar General some time ;-)



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