Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rocking Out With theBalm's Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette!

I missed out on theBalm's The Balm and the Beautiful Palette a couple years ago (the one that was the same as the Muppet's palette) so I promised myself that wouldn't happen again.  So enters last holiday's Balm Jovi Palette that's absolutely a totally kick ass rockstar kind of way, of course.

A heart shaped mirror with wings in the top flap!
You get 12 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, and 1 blush in the center section.
L-R:  Metal-ica, Iron Maid-in, Lead Zeppelin, Alice Copper
Metal-ica is a frosted silvery white.
Iron Maid-in is a buttery golden shimmer.
Lead Zeppelin is a mossy olive with shimmer.
Alice Copper is a pomegranate with shimmer.
L-R:  Adagio, Allegro, Moderato, Presto
Adagio is a matte cream.
Allegro is a matte mid tone tan.
Moderato is a matte dark greyed plum.
Presto is a matte cool dark brown.
L-R:  Blink 1982, The Stroke, Rem, Third Eye Blinded
Blink 1982 is a shimmery mauve.
The Stroke is a dark blue base with intense blue shimmer.
Rem is a lilac with shimmer.
Third Eye Blinded is a light baby pink with shimmer.
L-R:  Solid Gold Luminizer, Don't You Want Me? Blush
Solid Gold is a frosty golden champagne highlighter.
Don't You Want Me? is a matte peachy pink blush.

A couple notes with the luminizer and the blush. First, Solid Gold is theBalm's Mary Lou-manizer and Don't You Want Me? is theBalm's Frat Boy blush.  Also, Solid Gold doesn't apply as frosty on the skin as it does in the swatch, so don't be scared!
Also included are two lip/cheek creams.
L-R:  Milly, Vanilly
Milly is a nude rose.
Vanilly is a bright, blue based red.

The shadows are of phenomenal quality, just as all of theBalm's shadows are.  I've been using the palette nearly every morning since I bought the palette, especially Rem and Third Eye Blinded.  The face powders are also just as good as their permanent line counterparts.

I can't comment on the lip/cheek creams as I haven't used them yet, but do you see how pigmented Vanilly is?  Holy cow!

Also included is this Billboard themed suggestion panel that recommends different looks to try.  I love it because the panel also serves as a cover for the cream products so that the powders don't get all mixed up in them.  I thought that was very thoughtful on the company's part.

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES!!!

Another score from theBalm!  So far I don't think I've met a product from the brand that I didn't like.

You can find more information on this product on theBalm's website.  It retails for $39.50, but I got it for $30 on Amazon, so you might want to check there first!


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