Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! My Beauty Wishes for 2013!

Turns out that the Mayans were wrong and 2013 arrived without incident (unless you're as scared as I am that Kim and Kanye are procreating....).  I'm always excited to see what what a new year has to bring, but I'm especially interested in the new beauty products thrown at us this year.  Here's my list of things I'd really like to see come to fruition within the beauty world!

Wish #1:  More Colors from LORAC

It was 2012 that I tried my first LORAC shadow and I've been hooked ever since.  The velvety texture and amazing pigmentation is to die for!

But I've noticed that the brand LOOOOOVES their neutrals.  Browns, coppers, golds, nudes, creams....you name it they got it.  While that's great and practical, I wish LORAC would expand their specialty into some more colorful territory.  I want some purples and greens and pinks and....oh hell, gimme the whole damn rainbow!

Wish #2:  REAL BB Creams in the USA

I've gotten into my issues with the US BB Cream trend before, but it's still on my pet peeves list.  We just do not have true BB Creams available to us here and I'd love for a company to provide something that isn't just a tinted moisturizer with a snazzy new name slapped on the bottle.

The Muse over at musingsofamuse.com has been suspecting that we actually might see some BB Creams in the traditional Asian style and I hope she's right.  Unfortunately, however, many of the BB Creams that have just been released are still glorified tinted moisturizers, so it's not looking good for the new year.

Wish #3: Sephora Puts Out More Disney Princess Collections

This lucky girl got the Cinderella Storylook Palette for Christmas and you can be sure that you'll get the swatches for them soon.  But I'd really like to see collections from all the princesses.

Can you imagine how awesome a Jasmine palette would be???

Those are my 3 beauty wishes for the new year.  What are yours?


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