Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Glam or Sham? The Sticky Buddy!

Lint Rollers are an important thing in my life.  In my house and with my dogs, if I even think about putting black pants on it's like fur flies to them even if I haven't touched the dogs yet.  The thing about lint rollers that gets on my nerves though is 1) having to always keep the packaging on there lest the sticky paper gets wasted picking up lint from wherever you've laid it, and 2) constantly going through sheet after sheet when the sticky paper gets filled up with lint.  

Recently the As Seen on TV world has given us a couple of these new reusable rollers that supposedly eliminate the need to buy refills.  Also, according to the infomercial, the lint easily rinses off with plain water, revealing the roller's original, sticky surface.  Today, we're going to examine these claims with the Sticky Buddy!  (There's also a seemingly identical product called the "Schticky".)

The Sticky Buddy comes with 2 rollers:  1 the size of a typical lint roller, and another travel sized roller.  The larger of the 2, comes with a plastic covering to protect it from dirtying while not in use.  The travel size folds up so it's roller isn't exposed either.  I'm very happy with them being protected so I don't have to constantly rinse them before I need to use them.
Travel Size opened up

Regular roller uncovered.
Both rollers also feature "fingers" so that you can gather up with lint/hair/etc to more easily roll it up.
So...on to the actual review:

This product for me, while it works, doesn't quite reach the convenience level that I thought it would. 

The rollers pick up as well as regular lint rollers do.  They are a bit stickier as well.  Like, when you touch them, they feel almost like you must have gotten something on your skin, even though you actually don't.

The fingers are a nice added touch, but being that I'm mostly trying to remove dog hair from my yoga pants, I don't really need to use them.

It was the rinse-off that I'm really conflicted over though.  On one hand, the lint does indeed rinse off, although not as easily as it looks on TV.  I always end up rubbing the last few bits off with my finger in addition to the running water.  But it's still really cool that I won't have to refill the rollers.

One thing about the rinse-off that isn't as convenient as I'd thought it would be:  If you're on the go without access to running water, it's not convenient at all.  I didn't consider this while watching the infomercials.  So while this works just fine at home, if you're using it on the go in your car, per say, you have to wait to reuse it until you can get to some water so you can rinse it off.

Bottom Line:  I'm calling this one a GLAM!

Although this didn't turn out to be a life changer for me, it still did work and lived up to its claims.  It's accomplished all that it said it would on the infomercial, so I think my disappointments are my own fault.  I don't regret purchasing though, and would be willing to recommend it to people who use lint rollers frequently as I do.

You can find more information about this on the Walmart website.  It retails for $9.89.


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