Monday, September 10, 2012

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss Review....When Packaging Gets in the Way

I promised you guys I would go into more detail regarding my opinion on Anastasia's Hydrafull Gloss in my See and Be Seen Kit Review so here we are.  A while ago Sephora had a cool deal going on where Beauty Insiders could get a free, full-sized Hydrafull Gloss with their purchase so I grabbed one and that will be the gloss featured in today's review.  If you want to see swatches of the 2 other glosses already discussed in Plastic & Heiress, click here!

I shade Sephora gave away was Moi, a nude pink that is wearable for the vast majority of skin tone.
The texture of the gloss made me a bit nervous as it was a bit thick and usually thick=sticky/goopy.  Luckily it wasn't sticky at all and, depending how you apply it (which we'll get to a little later), it wasn't goopy either.
It's not as apparent here as with Plastic or Heiress but the color coverage is very good.  For the most part, I like to get a decent amount of color payoff from my glosses and Hydrafull definitely delivers here.

The name 'Hydrafull' suggests to things about this gloss: 1) it should moisturize and 2) it should plump your lips.  There is actually an ingredient that's supposed to do those things over time but I can't tell you if it really works or not.  What I can say is that due to the sheer thickness of the gloss and the shine, your lips will look fuller while wearing it.  And while it hasn't cured my dry lips, once again the thickness of the gloss hides any dryness or imperfections of the lips so the look smoother and healthier.  I don't expect miracles from my glosses so that's all good enough for me.
The problem child here is the stupid applicator.  It's not you're typical doe foot or brush, it's an actual plastic spatula.  I knew full well that this was the case when I received this and I even read the complaints about it but I thought they were over-exaggerated.  I can tell you now that they are not.  

What happens here is that the spatula picks up a lot of product, but doesn't distribute the product very well because the gloss is thick.  So you end up having to dip back in for more gloss than you actually should need and here enters the goopiness.  I want to note that it's not the actual gloss that's goopy, and I don't think you'd run into that problem with a brush or doe foot, it's just the spatula.

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes!

This would have been a much bigger success with me were it not for the applicator.  I'm just not sure what the intended benefit was supposed to be with the spatula.  It's still a good gloss regardless and I'd still say try it, just maybe bust out a lip brush or something...

For more information, check out the Sephora website!


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