Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Celebrities I Would Totally Buy Makeup From!

Sometimes when celebrites come out with their own brands of clothes, beauty, or perfumes etc, I can't help but roll my eyes.  I always have the sneaking suspicion that they have a bunch of minions doing all the real work and at the end they just slap a famous name on the label and call it a day.

There are a few celebs that have done it right though, expercially where makeup's concerned.  Kat Von D has had crazy success with her line of products at Sephora and Salma Hayek has received praise too stemming from her CVS-exclusive brand.

So I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to the celebrities I would buy makeup from if they decided to start a product line.  Some of my picks do have the potential to do exactly what I was talking about in the 1st paragraph, but let's all assume that they actually did it themselves...

Kim Kardashian

I feel like a lot of you may have already guessed she would make the list, so let's just get it over with.  Personally, Kim Kardashian's constant shamless famewhoring annoys me, but no one can deny that girlfriend's makeup is always on pointe.  I know it's always quite full-on, but I do enjoy her various looks, and a lot of the more popular techniques today have been made popular by her makeup artist (like applying a lighter concealer under your eye in a triangle to highlight your face). 

You could argue that her makeup style is completely due to her artist, but the Kardashian sisters have all discussed their love of makeup in interviews and I think they would truly be not only proactive in the creative process but also an asset.

Nicki Minaj

I wouldn't hesitate wasting my entire paycheck on a makeup line by Nicki Minaj!  When I think of her makeup line I think of highly pigmented shades that will be as vivid on deep skins as they are on pale skins.  I would have a field day with Minaj cosmetics!

Katy Perry

If Kate Perry sold cosmetics, I see them as items that you couldn't stop yourself from buying just because of how lovely the packaging is.  I envision a lot of Candy Land-esque packaging.  On another side, if you look at Katy's makeup, a lot of times she isn't wearing too dramatic a look.  It's very girl next door, which I think will appeal to a lot of people.

Evelyn Lozada

Despite her various antics on Basketball Wives and her controversial relationship with Chad Ochocinco, I always find that Evelyn Lozada's makeup catches my eye on every episode.  Her taste in makeup is very similar to mine:  bright & colorful eyes, thick liner, pink cheeks, and pink glossy lips.  Her skin always looks flawless and fresh. 

Now technically Evelyn already has a cosmetics line, but I'm not counting it because she sells the same palettes that Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics do.  You know, thos palettes you can get on Ebay from Hong Kong for, like, $10 and under?  I'd like to see what she can actually create, not just slap her name on, because I think she does have an true passion for beauty.


With her unbelievable voice, I really don't see Adele ever needing to venture out into other business areas, but should she, I think she would actually have some wonderful products.  I think she may be better suited for a limited edition set or just a miniature line with another company, because although her makeup is always flawless, she does have a definite preference for a certain look.  She has a lovely modern vintage thing going on all the time, which I love, and I think her neutral but dramatic style would fit many different women of various backgrounds.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a freaking chameleon when it comes to style.  Within all her different style-stages, (from girl-next-door, to dirty & sexy, to the pin-up style she's favoring now), she embodied them perfectly to a T.  I think she'd have an amazingly diverse line that would include many different, yet difinitive, styles to satisfy the sweet, sexy, and and foxy personalities in all of us.  I also see an amazing collection of false lashes, don't you?

Jennifer Lopez

This type of list wouldn't be complete without putting J Lo on it.  Besides how awesome her face always looks, I've always loved everything this lady has put out be it her music, clothing, and fragrances and I don't doubt that she would do amazing things with a beauty collection as well!

Well, that's it for my celebrity picks!  What are yours?


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