Sunday, July 8, 2012

POLL: What's Disney Princess do You Relate to Most When It Comes to Beauty?

In honor of Sephora's recent announcement of a Disney Princess-inspired collection to come our way in October, I decided for that to be the topic of my next poll!  I've going through all the princesses this morning,  trying to figure out what each princess represents to me in the beauty department.  Here's what I came up with:

Belle:  She was born gorgeous, with or without makeup.  People stop in their tracks when she walks by, but she still remains humble.  Instead of using her looks to get ahead, she keeps her head in the books and you can always find her in the library.  Kind of a Book Worm Beauty, if you will.

Snow White:  Another natural beauty, Snow White is the girl next door.  Everyone (who isn't jealous, that is) loves her not just because of her beauty but also because of her great and friendly personality.  She works with what she was born with and you won't find her in the tanning bed anytime soon.

Cinderella:  Cinderella exemplifies the old saying:  Work hard, play hard.  By day she's all business, not worrying about looking perfect.  But by night she's goes all out with the glamour.  She's got the best dress and makes sure her hair and makeup is breathtaking!

Mulan:  Mulan's likes to play with the boys, plain and simple.  No time to worry about messing up her manicure, she's got an army to lead.  The very definition of low maintenance.

Pocahontas:  Talk about a nature lover!  Powhantan's daughter is very eco-concious and wouldn't dream about using or hurting animals just to make herself look better. 

Jasmine:  Screw the rules that say what women should and shouldn't do.  Jasmine is fierce and daring and has no problem doing/wearing what she wants.  If she wants to wear a dramatic smokey eye and fire-engine red lipstick during the day, you better believe she will!  Editorial looks are right up her alley!

Tiana:  Tiana is the type of ambitious girl that believes in her own beauty.  Makeup isn't necessarily used as decor for her, so much as using it as an enhancement of what she always has.  She knows just what to wear to make herself look her best.

Aurora:  You can't get more girly than Aurora.  She's a hopeless romantic and loves all pretty things.  Putting on her makeup and dressing up is fun for her!

Ariel:  Simply put - Waterproof Everything!  Ariel loves the sea and the beach and while she loves to get her 'pretty' on, she can't have her makeup messing up her fun.

Rapunzel:  Rapunzel's all about her hair, duh!  She doesn't mind spending hours creating the perfect hairstyle, other things can wait.  Sometimes she feels held down by her long locks, but even when she chops it off she'll work wonders with her shorter 'do!

So that's what the Disney Princesses represent to me.  If you have different ideas, please tell me in the comments!  

Please pick your Disney Princess kindred beauty spirit in the poll at the top of the sidebar!  I also have a none/combo option in case you don't relate to any of the princesses or maybe you feel that you have a combination of 2 or more.  In this is the case, please tell me what your combination is in the comments!

And remember!  You're not necessarily picking your favorite princess here!  You're picking the one who most embodies you when it comes to beauty :)


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