Friday, July 6, 2012

Benefit They're Real! Until They Start Flaking Off, That Is...

I love the idea of being able to get the look of false lashes without actually having to take the time to put fake lashes on.  The "Falsies" Effect is a big trend right now with mascara so I really looked forward to trying Benefit's latest take on it in They're Real!.  Luckily, Benefit offers a mini version of the mascara for $10 so us  average Janes don't have to break the bank.  Check it out after the jump!

The wand with this mascara features plastic bristles, which I love but know that some of you aren't thrilled with.  It also has bristles that completely surround the tip of the wand, which sounds genius.  Theoretically this should really help you to reach those hard to reach lashes on the inner and outer corners as well as the bottom lashes.  However, this doesn't really pan out since the mascara "poop", as B from likes to call the goop of mascara that hangs out on the top of brush when you pull the wand out of the tube, covers all those little bristles, rendering them ineffective.  You can scrape that excess off but it's still a pain.
2 coats
It's hard for me to determine if mascaras give good curl since mine are so curly already, but this does appear to do a good job on that front.  Volume is ok, but I was hoping for more.  Length was a disappointment for me though.  When I think false lashes, I think dramatic volume and killer length which They're Real didn't deliver on much at all.  This was more of a "my lashes but darker" situation.  I still thought it was an alright product though, until I got in my car.

Upon turning on my car's AC I felt a sudden dust-like attack in my eyes.  I assumed there was dust in my AC and it got in my big deal.  But then a few days later when I was doing my Bare Minerals Ready Shadow Dream Sequence look I noticed that before I even completed my entire face there was already major flakage going on under my eyes.  Then, sure enough, when I got into my car a few hours later and turned on the AC the dust attack happened again.  Only this time I realized it was the AC blowing the flakes of mascara off my lashes and into my eyes.

Bottom Line:  Amber....thanks God that I bought the miniature instead of the full size!

As a contacts-wearer, I can't afford to have mascara flaking off into my eyes while I'm driving.  I go to rub my eye and then my contact gets all screwy and I can't see then BAM, where'd that tree come from?  I'm joking, but it's not really funny, this mascara was a real potential safety hazard for me.  Until this, I've never had a mascara flake on me.  And I know, I know, beauty is pain....but not when it didn't even make my lashes look like anything special.  This one's not for me.

You can get more info on this product at Benefit's website!  It retails for $10 mini size, or $23 full size at Sephora!


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