Friday, May 11, 2012

Minerals Mate Makes Me Feel Like Bob Ross! + Coupon Code!

Have you ever gotten a product that it never would've occurred to you that you needed, but once you have you don't know you functioned before it?  That's what Minerals Mate is to me right now.  The super sweet Molly Badgett from Minerals Mate sent me their star product a couple weeks ago and I've been loving it ever since.  It's basically a mixing tray for your makeup, and makes it a cinch to contain and reduce any potential mess that comes along with that.  It also reminds me a bit of that artist palette that Bob Ross would use while painting those gorgeous landscapes.  While I do my makeup I can do a little make believe that I'm an actual artist lol.  Check it out after the jump!

Minerals Mate comes with the application/ mixing tray that comes with 7 wells in 2 different sizes.  Each well also has an accompanying cap.
I'm not a big mineral/loose powder makeup user largely because of mess it inevitably presents.  It's just so much less of a hassle to use pressed powders.  But since I started using the tray I've been slowly venturing back in to my mineral collection.  You know when you tap the mineral makeup in the lid, swirl it (and subsequently get the powder in the ridges of the lid)?  What happens when you put that lid back on?  The powder caught up on the lid falls all over the place, right?  I didn't have to worry about that happening with this tray.  If I had any product left over I just threw the lid back on and save it for next time.  No more wasting product either!

Even with my re-exploration with mineral again, I've mostly used this for mixing my foundations.  I like to mix my foundations with my moisturizer to get a sheerer, natural look sometimes, and it's nice not having to use the back of my hand, as a lot of the product gets absorbed into my skin before I can apply it to my face.  As per the product description, you can also use this tray to foil your shadows.

My favorite use of Minerals Mate by far however is for washing my brushes though.  I've mentioned before that I use a bar of soap to clean my brushes and then lather the soap and rinse the brush by scrubbing the brush on the palm of my hand.  The drawback of that is my hand gets extra wrinkly from staying underneath the running faucet for so long.  Minerals Mate has a ribbed section that serves as a thumb grip to hold the tray.  You can also use that for a surface to scrub your brushes on, so I don't have to use my hand anymore and can get a deeper cleansing!

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES !!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

I don't have one complaint about Minerals Mate and I'm very glad I have it.  I was actually going to wait to do this review until after my current Yu-Be giveaway was over because I was given a second Minerals Mate to give away to one of my readers.  However, Molly just gave me a 25% Discount Code to give to you guys for the month of May (told you she was super sweet!) , so I wanted to put this up as soon as possible so you can take advantage of it.  You can expect the Minerals Mate giveaway to jump off shortly after the Yu-Be giveaway is over which is sometime next week.

The code for 25% off discount is 2468MineralsMate.  (Did anyone else read that like a cheerleader in their head?  2!-4!-6!-8!, Who do we appreciate?  lol)  You can get your Minerals Mate tray at, full retail is $19.95.


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