Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm So Freakin' Mad Right Now about this Sephora + Pantone Palette!

The other day I'm just minding my own business and stalking the Sephora website when I come up on the Strokes of Nature Palette from Sephora + Pantone.  It's love at first sight, except for its $55 price tag.  So I scroll down to reviews to see if people are saying it's worth the price or not and I stumble upon the most infuriating thing ever:


Now, I'm not mad that V.I.B.'s were rewarded with this palette, I'm pissed that when I was a V.I.B. last year I didn't get jack shit except a 20% off sale that regular beauty insiders would get 2 weeks later anyway!  And now that I'm broke and couldn't maintain my V.I.B. status any longer Sephora wants to make the program all awesome and what not.  Yea, I'm a little salty....

But seriously, if you've gotten your hands on this palette already (free or purchased) let me know how you like the palette.  What caught my eye about it was it's awesome range of color, but I'm wondering if the quality is typical of Sephora's usual blockbuster palettes or not.  If it is, I'm definitely not even going to think about dropping $55 on it.

EDIT 5/18/2012:  Down in the comment section, Amanda informed me that not all V.I.B.'s got the free palettes, that in addition to being a V.I.B., you also had to be a top contributor of the Sephora forum or a "special client".  Thanks Amanda!


  1. Sounds like we have the same luck, I am not a VIB either. But, when I was NOTHING hehe

    1. Lack of luck as I would call it lol

  2. I was checking out the beauty advice forums after I heard that because I'm VIB and I didn't get anything. Apparently, it was the top contributors on the forum, "the Hall of Famer and special clients" who got it and not all VIBs. All of the people who got it for free were VIBs though.

    1. Oh ok, that makes me feel a bit better than lol. Thanks so much for letting me know! I'll add that bit of info to the post :)



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