Friday, May 25, 2012

Claw Candy: Revlon Colorstay Polish in Coastal Surf!

And so continues my love affair with Revlon's Colorstay Nail Polish line.  This time we have Coastal Surf, a drop dead gorgeous medium sky blue.  It's vibrant without verging into neon territory (it's not quite as loud in real life as it is in the photo).  Perfect for the summer!  One thing I've really been appreciating about these polishes are the kind of unique shades Revlon's injected.  When you have as large of a nail polish collection as I've accumulated over the years, it's hard not to duplicate colors eventually, but fortunately all the polishes I've tried from Revlon Colorstay have been nice, new additions to my own polishes.  Check out this shade and others at


  1. I love Revlon polishes, they're definitely my favorite drug store brand. I have two of the colorstay polishes, so far I've only tried one though.

    1. I've been obsessed with the Colorstay line lately. It's absolutely lovely!



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