Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buzzkill....Can't Get the Sleek Matte Palettes in the US :(

Encircled text reads:  Please Note:  Due to FDA regulations this palette
cannot be sold in the US.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes
I was too excited when I saw all the headlines on Facebook that the Sleek Matte palettes everyone's been talking about were finally available for purchase on their website.  So I rush on over to the site to scope it out and plop it in my cart.  Only there's a small hitch - US RESIDENTS CAN'T BUY THE MATTE PALETTES!!!  Apparently the FDA won't allow them to be sold here :(  

Now, I'm not really mad at Sleek or the FDA.  I'm sure it was an important ingredient used if Sleek used it in spite of losing possible revenue from the US market.  And the FDA exists (supposedly) to keep products safe for our consumption.  But it's still a major bummer....

Good news is you can still snag them on Ebay, albeit for a bit of a price hike.  You can window shop the new palettes at


  1. Hi there, I'm in England and I was about to buy the ultra matte palettes but saw the note about FDA. I won't touch them now as there is some ingredient in there that your FDA consider dangerous. I wish our Government was tighter on theses type of things.

    1. That's definitely something to consider! It is weird to me that one country finds something toxic and one doesn't. I think this happened with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams too. I remember Sam from Pixiwoo mentioning something like this about the aqua creams in one of their videos.



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