Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Avon Supershock Liquid Lip Shine: It's Not the Size that Counts...Or is it?

Top to Bottom:  Lilac Attack, Tickled Pink, Popsicle, Pink Indulgence
These Avon Supershock Liquid Lip Shines are some big mamma-jamma's!  For whatever reason I just LOVE oversized makeup products and these glosses do it for me.  Of course, once I get over the initial awe the question comes back to:  Is this a good product?  Find out after the jump!

First, some perspective on how big these really are:

L-R:  NYC Extreme Lip Glider Gloss, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick,
Avon Supershock Gloss, MAC Lipglass, Fresh Sugar Gloss
Bottoms L-R:  Avon Gloss, MAC Lipglass
I tried to find the most representative examples of different yet common lip glosses and lipsticks to compare the Avon gloss to.  As you can see it's shorter but much thicker in diameter than any of the other lip glosses pictured.  It is around the same diameter of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick however.
Applicators L-R:  Avon Supershock Gloss, MAC Lipglass
Doesn't the Avon applicator look like it could eat the MAC one?  If I remember correctly, the lipglasses in the Wonder Woman collection were supersized, but I don't have them so I can't comment if they were as big as Avon.

Now on to the actual product....

The glosses are just how I like them:  not sticky at all and pigmented.  I don't really have any complaints about the gloss itself.
Tickled Pink
Tickled pink on the lips
Tickled Pink is a warm, medium rose with fine golden shimmer.
Popsicle on the lips
Popsicle is a candy apple red with a jelly-like texture.  And yes, it gives your lips that juicy, I've-been-sucking-on-a-cherry-popsicle look.  Great for summer!
Pink Indulgence
Pink Indulgence on the lips
Pink Indulgence is a cream blue based pink.  Probably the most opaque of the bunch.
Lilac Attack
Lilac Attack on the lips
Lilac Attack has a violet pink base with a Lilac sheen and shimmer through it.  Very fun!
L-R:  Lilac Attack, Tickled Pink, Popsicle, Pink Indulgence
My one issue with this product is the packaging, but not that it's so big.  The opening of the tube is so tight, (I guess so that the big applicator doesn't bring too much product with it), that you have to kind of pull hard to get the applicator out.  When you do that though, it creates this suction that brings a lot of the gloss out on the tip and, thus, slings gloss everywhere if you're not careful.  Can get kind of messy :-/

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes

I thought for a second that these were being discontinued since I found them in Avon's Outlet Section for something like $2.75 each (regularly they're $8), but they're back up in the regular makeup section on the site for $4.99 now so I don't know what's going on with them.  But if you're interested you might want to grab them because there is a "WHILE SUPPLIES LAST" note on them.

You can check these out at

P.S.  Anyone else annoyed Avon seems to discontinue a lot of the products so quickly?  It's like if you don't grab it within a month of them introducing it it's gone.  


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