Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Go 'Head Girl, with them Sexy Curves! Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara Review

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara is not a new product for me, I've been an avid user of it for about 3 years now.  But I recently had to purchase yet another new tube of it so I figured I'd put a review up of it for you guys since I love it so much.  

First off, is this not one of the most attractive packaging jobs you've ever seen on a tube of mascara?  I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the tube outside of the plastic and cardboard encasing but you can sneak a peek of it over on Rimmel's website.  I love the metallic purple and sleekness going on.  But the real coolness comes when you whip the wand out!
Not that it matters much once you dip the brush in the mascara, but the plastic bristles are a nice bright, cool purple.  And check out them curves, literally!  How groovy!  I do remember though the very first time I saw the wand and wondering how the shape of the brush was really going to give me "70% curvier lashes" as Rimmel promises.  To be honest, after 3 years I still haven't figured out how it does it, but I can confirm that it does get the job done somehow.
Bare Lashes
Rimmel Sexy Curves - 1 coat
Before I gush too much, I do think it's worth noting that I have natural curl to my lashes so that might contribute to the results.  Nonetheless, you can see with 1 coat I do get a good lift and curl to my lashes, along with a bit of length.  Not too much on the volume front just yet, but I'm very happy with it's clump-free application, thanks to the plastic bristles.  I also love that the tube scrapes off so much of the excess mascara when you take the wand out.  You only get the amount you truly need so you don't have to worry about any goopiness :)
Rimmel Sexy Curves - 2 coats on top and 1 coat on bottom
It's with 2 coats that you get a nice amount of volume.  It also helps that the black in the formula is so pigmented so you get those nice dark lashes, if that's your thing of course.  I didn't get much more of the curl or length factors but for me I got enough of that with the first coat.  Best of all, there's still zero clumps or goops!

Another huge thing about this mascara that I love is that with this I've finally found a mascara that can help out my scarce, skimpy, stubby bottom lashes.  Usually I don't even bother doing anything with them because most mascara just make a mess on my bottom lid, and since I barely have any lashes to begin with, the mess shows up even worse.  It also usually clumps the few lashes I have together, making me look like I only have 3 or 4 bottom lashes.  With Sexy Curves, since it takes off so much excess product it doesn't make a mess on my actual skin no matter how close I put the want to my lash line and keeps my lashes as neat as possible.  For me this is a life saver.

Lastly, on me this mascara holds the curl on my lashes all day, so I don't have to worry about them drooping through the day.

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

There's really not a person I wouldn't recommend this to irregardless of our individual lash situation.  Who doesn't want more curl?  One thing I will say is that I rarely use this mascara on its own, usually using it amp up or de-clumpify another mascara.  So if you're looking for a mascara that will give you a lot of va-va-voom on it's own, this may or may not be for you, depending on the amount of drama you prefer.

You can find Rimmel Sexy Curves wherever Rimmel products are sold and on


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