Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Surprising Use for Epielle Cleansing Tissues!

Back when I was in a state of euphoria over my first trip to Big Lots, I had purchased some Epielle Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissues in hopes that I would be able to replace my Neutrogena Wipes.  Don't get me wrong, I love Neutrogena Makeup Wipes but if I could get a good or better product for less money, why not?  Find out which wipes I decided to keep after the jump!

Let's first discuss this products most appealing aspect:  its price!  For a pack of 60 cloths I only had to pay $2 at Big Lots!  What a deal!  They also have 30 packs for $1 each.  

The first time I used the Epielle wipes, I was thrilled.  My face felt much cleaner than it had with Neutrogena.  Neutrogena does a good job at removing all the makeup but after using it my face felt like there was a bit of a film left.  Not greasy, but not too clean either.  The Epielle wipes left no film whatsoever and almost left the feel of a toner on me.

I also noticed Epielle's wipes were wetter than Neutrogena and didn't have as much glide along my face.  It's almost as if the Neutrogena wipes were able to hold the product in the cloth better whereas the product was kind of just sitting on top of the Epielle cloth.  This was not a big issue with first.

Unfortunately after a few days of using Epielle I started to notice the outer corners of my eyes becoming irritated from the cloth dragging in that area.  I also experienced some irrtation along my lashlines where I would try to remove mascara or liner.  I guess whatever was in the formula that made Neutrogena leave a slight film on my face also prevented excess dragging on the face.  Being that Epielle didn't have that some of the more delicate areas were pulled a little too harshly.  Not to mention, after a while I also found that I just plain out had an easier time at removing makeup with Neutrogena's formula than Epielle's.  

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes...but not for its intended use...

Even though I've chosen not to use Epielle's cloths on my face being that it was bit too harsh, I have found a better use for it:  daily brush cleansing!  I don't use these in place of my normal bar soap deep cleansing, but rather in conjuction.  After I use my brushes each day, I go ahead and scrub them on the Epielle cloth to extend the time between washings.  Some of my brushes, especially my stippling brush and my concealer brush, get gunky really fast since they're used with liquid products but the Epielle wipes keep them cleaner, longer :)

I would also like to note that I have sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, so it's very possible that these wipes would be more suitable for people with normal skin :)  Some may consider that with the price Epielle may be the better option for them.


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