Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick TIP: Having Trouble Blending Your Concealer? Try This!

I'm not a fan of traditional concealer brushes.  I feel like they just plop the product on but don't actually blend very well.  They also can feel a little abrasive on my delicate undereye area.  That's why I switched over to using fluffy eye blending brushes to blend in my concealer.  However I found with those that, while they blended beautifully, I'd lose some of the concealer's coverage on account of the brush swiping the product back and forth.  Then of course there's using your good old finger to pat in the concealer, which provides the best coverage and does a pretty sufficient job at blending as well.  My problem with the finger though is, besides being a little unsanitary, it's not as precise as I'd like it to be.  

Enter the answer to all those concerns:  the new brushes surfacing that happen to mimic the shape of the finger. Sigma recently came out with an entire brush collection called the Precision Eyes Kit that is meant to replace your fingertips in your makeup application and I just reviewed an excellent Concealer Kabuki from Ecotools that you can read about here.  The brush I use the most however was not necessarily engineered specifically as a fingertip replicate but the idea is the same none the less.  It's the E.L.F. Angled Contour Brush.  Technically it's an eye brush, and I do use it for the eye as well, but my favorite use for it is undereye concealing.  After applying concealer to the undereye area, I use the flat angled top of the brush to pat in the product where I need coverage, and then I swirl the brush in small, circular motions around the edges of where the concealer is applied to blend it in.  The result is a perfectly blended undetectable application with top notch coverage!

What's your favorite method of concealer application?


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