Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Milani Baked Bronzers Review & Swatches!

Like the Milani Baked Blushes I raved about a little bit ago, the Baked Bronzers are of superb quality as well.  They all have a beautiful peachy undertone that imparts a very natural bronze glow.  You won't have to worry about that muddy or oompa loompa look that some bronzers give you.  The Baked Bronzer line includes three shades but today I'm sharing the ones in Glow and Golden.  Read on for more info and swatches!

Glow is the most appropriate name for this shade as it does indeed make my skin glow.  When I just want to look like I have a natural summertime health to my face, Glow is what I grab for.  I wouldn't necessarily say this looks like a bronzer on me with my medium to tan skin, though I wouldn't call it a blush or highlight either.  I guess enhancer a good way to describe it on me.  Although I feel like if you're someone with pale to light skin this would give you that light bronzing effect that is so hard to find sometimes.  It is the lightest shade in the line.  Glow does remind me a bit of a bronzey version of E.L.F.'s Studio blush in Peachy Keen.

Golden is the darkest baked bronzer.  Honestly, I would say it has the same base color as Glow but just a few shades darker.  Because of that, I do wonder if someone with a darker skintone would feel this was an enhancer to them the way I feel Glow is an enhancer to my skin.  For me, this was a bit dark and in hindsight I wish I had gotten the shade in the middle, Soleil.  But if you're tan to dark this may be the shade to check out.  I love the slight golden veining through this one, it looks so pretty!

Glow (L) & Golden (R)
The bronzers both have shimmer in them, although not the kind that just looks like glitter.  They have just enough finely-milled shimmer to impart a nice golden sheen.  As you can see, the Glow shade kind of just melts into my skin, but that's not because it's badly pigmented.  It's just closer in color to my skin tone than Golden.  

Bottom Line:  Amber REALLY Likes!

Bronzers, when used for actual bronzing and not just contouring, don't tend to look flattering on me.  They tend to look like kind of dirty lol.  The peachy nature of these guys eliminate that problem for me.  I also really enjoy the fact that they don't look powdery or chalky on the cheeks at all.  

I don't however really use these as bronzers.  As I said before, I use Glow to enhance my complexion and Golden is a bit to dark for my skintone.  But these are the closest I've ever come to finding a good bronzer!


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