Thursday, January 26, 2012

Milani Baked Blushes Swatches!

If you've been to your local CVS you may have noticed they've been putting a number of their products on 75% off clearance, (if you haven't seen this, check out NouveauCheap for details)!  This is most likely because they are trying to make room for newer products, one of which I been drooling over.  They also may be finally including Milani's Baked Blushes in their inventory.  These came out a while ago and I've been loving them longgggg time.  Even with their $7.99 price tag, they're worth every penny charged for a MAC MSF!  Read on for swatches!

Rose D'Oro
Rose D'Oro scared me when I first got because it looked like it might be a bit frosty for my liking.  I picked it up anyway though since a lot of people were saying it was a decent dupe for the much-coveted MAC MSF in Stereo Rose.  I don't personally own Stereo Rose so I can't attest to that, but I can tell you this blush is very unique and perfect.  I have no other blush like it, nor have I seen another like it.  It's color is hard to describe, but I would say its a golden-rosy coral, with a surprisingly subtle pink sheen to it.  And it's definitely not frosty or even overly-shimmery on the cheeks, just beautifully glowy!
Luminoso is without a doubt my absolute favorite blush out of the bunch, and one of my top blushes in my entire collection!  Out of almost all the blushes in the line, it is the least shimmery.  The shimmer that does exist is so subtle and finely-milled that it just imparts a natural glow to the skin without appearing like you have sparkles on your cheeks.  For me, it looks like the perfect natural cheek color for me, a pinky-peach.  It's as if I had naturally blushed but without all the redness!  Definitely one of my go-to blushes when I want a more natural look or I'm not sure what blush is best to go with pretty much any look!
Unfortunately, Corallina was both the one I wanted most initially but actually turned out to be my least favorite.  Don't get me wrong, the color itself is gorgeous:  the perfect orangey-coral for summer.  However, it has rather chunky silver glitter in it, and a large abundance of it as well.  Fall-out drives me crazy, and that's exactly what you get with this blush.  If it wasn't for the glitter I wouldn't have any negative things to say about it though, so if you like glitter in your blushes this might be the one for you.  Also, you can use all these blushes wet, so that may help with the glitter fallout.  I'm not really one for the look of glitter on my cheeks though.
Berry Amore
Last, but not least is Berry Amore.  This blush presented an opposite experience for me than with Corallina: I wasn't too interested in this at first, but ended up loving it.  At the time, I was afraid of berry blushes on my skin so I stayed clear of them.  However, through the berri-ness of the product are golden-bronze veins that make it a much more neutral-warm color.  It also doesn't really appear berry on the skin, instead showing up as a natural pink flush.  I really enjoy this as it goes with pretty much any look.

L-R:  Corallina, Berry Amore, Luminoso, Rose D'Oro

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES!!! <3<3<3<3<3

The blushes are more pigmented than depicted above, and I find it very easy to choose the pigmentation you want from the products:  going anywhere from a sheer natural glow to a more dramatic look.  I definitely recommend looking into these if you haven't already.  Although CVS is slow, Walgreens has been selling them for a while since their release and you can also pick them up at the Milani and Cherry Culture websites.  Happy Blushing!


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