Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hey ELF! Oh You Fancy, Huh? (New Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder)

Just now I spied, with my makeup-hungry eyes, something beginning with "e.l.f.", and boy did it make me do a double take.  The company recently put up on their website this High Definition Undereye Setting Powder from their Studio line.  And yes, it's $3!  For a company known for such low prices, they've certainly been coming up with some innovative, and seemingly high end-type products.  When I first started purchasing from them some 4 years ago, I would never have thought in a million years they would be putting out Undereye Setting Powder, or a powder Face Cleanser for that matter.  But that's why I think we love e.l.f.; they have an unbelievable ability to churn out top quality types of products for dirt cheap prices.  Can't wait to try this out!

P.S.  Has anyone tried out the face cleanser yet?  How do you like it?


  1. wow! there's a powder cleanser?? I haven't been to the site for a while now (coz I always ended up with something when I do visit) but they came up with reasonably awesome new products all the time! :D

    1. Hi aisyah!

      I've been so surprised to see the kind of new products they've been putting out as of late. The powder cleanser really surprised me! It's listed under the new products section on the elf website if you want to check it out :)



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