Monday, January 30, 2012

NYX 10-Color Eyeshadow Palette Swatches Part 2: Essentials

As promised, here is Part 2 of my NYX 10-Color Eyeshadow Palette Swatchfest!  The palettes featured in this  post include shades that I find important to my everyday needs:  neutrals, smoky, and colors made especially for my eye color.  Read on for swatches of Champagne & Caviar, Smokey Eyes, Mysterious Brown Eyes, and Versus!

Champagne & Caviar
Let me first start off by saying that my palette that I own is called Champagne & Caviar, but while I was on the NYX website the other day I noticed it was renamed there to Caviar & Bubbles.  So if you look for this palette be aware of the possible name change.  

Now, when I first received this palette I was disappointed.  I thought this would have neutral browns but they do not swatch brown except for two shades.  Most of them are actually more taupe.  But after a while I fell in love with the more shimmery taupes and especially the dark brown.  I use this shade almost every day.  It's so soft to the touch and very pigmented:  perfect for your crease or as a liner!  Beside the browns/taupes, you also get a white, light shimmery pink, and matte black!

At first glance, Versus seems like I should have put it in Part 1 with the other brights with the gorgeous purples included.  However, this palette also has some pretty awesome neutrals in it.  The highlight shade on the top furthest left is my favorite.  It's hard to find a smooth, matte, and cream colored highlight like this.  The purples are great too, perfect for a purple smokey eye. 

For Your Eyes Only:  Mysterious Brown Eyes
Now that I put the pics up of the Mysterious Brown Eyes Palette, I realize I should have put them with the Brights in Part 1.  The shades hers are absolutely gorgeous and bright, meant to give brown eyes a real pop. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't use this palette much.  There's no excuse for this atrocity, for some reason it just hast happened much.  But I will be during an FOTD for this, PRONTO!
Look at that green!  Beautiful!

For Your Eyes Only:  Smokey Eyes
This is the least used NYX palette I own.  I got it back when I was first exploring makeup and smokey eyes and figured this would be the perfect purchase for me to simplify the process.  Then I realized I didn't like the way grays looked on me for the most part so I don't use this much.  Nothing wrong with the palette.  It does have a dark gray-taupe in the top row in the middle that I really like, but other than that this one doesn't get to see much light.

So that's it for the NYX Palettes I have to share.  I HIGHLY recommend getting them.  They're only between 8-11 bucks each and you can't beat that quality!  If you haven't already, check out Part 1!


  1. Ah thank you for the swatches, the "brown eye" palette looks gorgeous!!! I really do love vibrant colors andthough I have blue eyes I might get this palette because the purples and that one green shade is so stunning :)

    1. Thanks Sam! I would pretty much ignore the designated eye colors for each of the palettes too. I've had my eyes on the green eye palette for a while even though I have brown eyes, I think the colors would still be flattering. And a lot of shades in this brown eye palette would make blue eyes pop too!



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