Thursday, January 26, 2012

NYC Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

L-R:  Mulberry St. Mocha,
Chelsea Rose, Plaza Punch
I never had a particular desire to try these NYC Extreme Lip Glider Glosses since I wasn't a fan of the NYC Lip Shines (too sticky for my taste), but the shades in Chelsea Rose and Plaza Punch were available for clearance at CVS so I picked them up to try.  They sat in the bottom of my drawer for over month until I decided to try them and I immediately regretted not trying them before:  these things are awesome.  Sadly, however, I think these might be being discontinued since when I went back to grab more at 3 different Rite Aids and 2 CVS's I've only been able to find the shade in Mulberry St. Mocha.  Read on for more info and swatches!

My biggest concern with any lip gloss is the sticky factor.  I have a very limited tolerance for sticky lip glosses, and by limited, I mean next to none.  Luckily, that isn't an issue with these Gliders.  That surprises me since they are a bit thick and thicker glosses tend to be the sticky ones.  They also have decent pigmentation for a gloss.  We're not talking a liquid lipstick or anything, but people will see that you have a  color on your lips rather than just a transparent gloss.
Mulberry St. Mocha
In the tube Mulberry St. Mocha is a rosy milk chocolate color.  On the lips it just give your pout a brown tint.
Chelsea Rose
Chelsea Rose turned out to be my favorite.  Very natural, MLBB shade that gives a nice rosy pink tone to the lips with just a touch of peachiness.
Plaza Punch
Plaza Punch is a pleasant berry pink.  I haven't worn this as much as the other two, as the others are more neutral colors, but if you're looking for a fun pop of color without being too dramatic, this is the color for you.  

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES <3<3<3<3<3

As noted in the intro, I'm scared that NYC might be getting rid of these, so if you're interested in them you may want to grab them up while you can.  

I was so relieved to find these weren't sticky.  There's nothing worse than sticky gloss all gunked up and your hair getting stuck to your mouth all day.  Is stickiness a dealbreaker for you too?  

UPDATE 1/30/12:  NYC confirmed to me that these are being discontinued :(  So you definitely need to grab them up if you see them!  


  1. I hate sticky lip glosses. I wear glasses so i get my hair stuck to my lips and then it gets stuck to my glasses and leaves a the lil lines across my glasses. they have a lot of these NYC glosses at our dollar tree. now that i seen this post im gonna go stock up on these before they are gone.

    1. They really are great. Hopefully they aren't being discontinued and the store are just getting a new shipment in or something *fingers crossed*

      And I know what you mean, I'm a glasses wearer too and the same happens to me sometimes. It drives me crazy!



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