Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stila Warehouse Sale Haul Swatches!

Stila had a killer Warehouse Sale last week with up to 80% discounts so I picked up a few goodies.  It was the first of my Cyber Monday purchases to arrive at my door and it certainly set a good tone for the rest of my packages.  I loved everything I got from Stila and I can't wait to share the swatches with you :)  Check it out after the jump!

Stila Backstage Palette L-R, Top-Bottom:  Chiffon, Flamingo,
Pacific, Luster, Poetic, Coal
Stila Backstage Palette Swatches L-R:  Chiffon, Flamingo,
Pacific, Luster, Poetic, Coal

First up, the Backstage Palette, my favorite of all Stila purchases I've ever made.  This palette was debuted back in Fall 2010 and I remember how much I wanted it after seeing the beautiful makeup look they did on the model for the product.  But at $28.00 for what I thought was a pretty small palette, I decided to pass.  I scored this for $8.00 which is a great deal.  Although this palette is compact, the shadows are larger than normal palette shadows and the packaging is absolutely beautiful.  The outside has this texture that reminds me of those engraved leather bracelets you can get at the fair.  The shadows are top quality with a buttery smooth texture and these babies pack a huge punch of pigmentation.  It's very rare for me to get a palette that doesn't have colors that I don't have some version of already, but this is not the case here.  All the colors are unique from other colors I have, and I love that while they are all vibrant, because of the blendable nature of Stila's shadows they are all more than wearable, even Flamingo and Pacific.

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES <3<3<3<3<3
Stila Smudge Stick in Stingray (L) and Purple Tang (R)
This isn't my first rendezvous with the Smudge Sticks so when I saw them on sale I didn't hesitate to grab them up.  They are soft and pigmented enough to give the utmost in easy application, but not too soft that it'll crumble or be used up too quickly.  Stingray is a nice deep black, while I especially enjoy Purple tang since it's a very dark true purple and not really plum.  It's kind of hard to find a dark purple liner as opposed to plum sometimes.

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES <3<3<3<3<3
Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Afterhours
Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Afterhours Dry Swatches
Finally, I grabbed the Eyeshadow Trio in Afterhours.  It was one of the few trios that was non-neutral, as I have too many neutral shades right now.  The trio is smaller than I had imagined, about the size of a typical single shadow.  However the packaging is slim without the extra bulk that a lot of companies like to put on their products which makes it a cinch to store.  The colors are beautiful, but not as smooth and pigmented as those from the Backstage Palette.  However, you can use these shadows wet or dry, so the pigmentation should increase with the application of water or a mixing medium.

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes


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