Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sephora V.I.B. Sale Part 2: Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish & Kensington Caviar Top Coat

I'm not even going to keep you guys in suspense with this....I love this stuff.  I'm haven't been too keen on some of the nail trends that have been popping up - and by that I mean crackle polish.  I don't know why but I just couldn't get down with that stuff.  However, I stand completely behind these magnetic polishes.  With only 3 steps you've manicured an optical illusion right on your nails.  Full review of this and Nails Inc.'s Kensington Caviar Top Coat after the jump!

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Houses of Parliament
I don't know what kind of black magic they put in this bottle, but the result is very cool.  First off, the color (I bought this in the shade Houses of Parliament), itself without the magnet application is gorgeous, along the lines of a gunmetal purple.  The formula is on the thicker side and if it were just a normal polish I would've only needed 1 coat to become opaque.  I applied 1 coat, let it dry, then applied another coat and hovered the magnet (which conveniently comes as a part of the lid) over my nail for a few seconds.  It's literally as easy as that.  You get these pretty 3D waves on your nails that even seem to move a little when you move your fingers around, much like a hologram.  I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this.  It's perfect.  Oh, well wait, that's not completely true.  It is on the expensive side at $16.50 for 1 bottle, but the performance quality is so high with this that I will have no problem shelling out the cash for the other 2 colors (a silver and a teal).  FYI:  I just checked out Sephora and found the trio of Magnetic Polishes for $30!  That's all 3 for not even the price of 2.

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES <3<3<3<3<3

Nails Inc.'s Kensington Caviar sounded exactly like what I needed.  Most of the time when I paint my nails it's a disaster.  No matter how long I wait in between coats, for whatever reason they don't dry.  And we all know that equals 3 things:  bubbles, dents, and smudges.  I've actually resorted to painting one coat at night and the other coat the next morning.  I've used one other speed dry top coat in the recent past and while it did well on the drying front, the shine I needed just wasn't there. Kensington Caviar claimed to be touch dry in 45 seconds....and it definitely delivered.  It also claimed to be super glossy.  Now, I wouldn't go so far to say super gloss, but it is glossy none the less, and that's fine with me.  It'll set you back $10, which isn't bad but there are <$10 options out there that I haven't tried yet, so my search isn't completely over. You can see me wearing Kensington Caviar as a top coat in the magnetic polish picture above.

Bottom Line:  Amber LIKES

So, how do you feel about this magnetic nail polish trend?  Do you prefer crackle or magnetic better?


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