Sunday, December 4, 2011

I NEED THIS!!!!!! (Great Gift Idea)

This is the SPI Manicure Desk that is depicted in the ULTA Holiday 2011 Catalog that includes a lap desk, nail dryer, and nail drill/buffer.  I do not own this.  This is a problem.

It's an even bigger problem because it's not sold online, apparently only in stores, and the nearest ULTA is over an hour away from me :(  And yes, I realize that I could just buy a lap desk, nail dryer, and nail drill separately and have the same thing.  But that's not the point.  Not only would this be awesome for me (I could've really used this last night, my supposed manicure turned out to be a mess), but this would make a GREAT gift idea for anyone in your life who ever paints their nails or, if they're like me, can't stand having to sit at a desk doing their nails and therefore not being able to watch American Picker reruns at the same time - I like to multi task, what can I say?  Ultimately I'm probably going to just get everything separately and maybe some poster tabs to stick the dryer to the desk, because I really do think the concept is a simple yet genius idea.  But if you spy this guy at your local ULTA, think about picking 1 up, or maybe 2 or 3 for the DIY nail addicts in your life.

Have you come across in great beauty gift ideas for the holidays?


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