Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Jordana Easyliner, Bright Eyes Liner, & Fabuliner

I snagged these liners back during the Jordana Cyber Monday Sale.  They are normally a mere 2 bucks but I copped them at 25% off which is even more of a bargain.  Now, for the price and since I had never used Jordana before, I didn't have my expectations too high.  However, I must say for the most part I really like them, although not necessarily for all of their intended uses...Find out what I think some of them work great for and see swatches after the jump!

Bright Eyes Liners
Jordana Bright Eyes Liners L-R:  Green, Orange, Pink,
Purple, Yellow
To be honest, at first glance and trial I was not that impressed with these guys.  They definitely don't pack the bright neon punch that their packaging suggests.  On top of that they are quite dry on application.  The lashline and waterline are very delicate and sensitive places and I really can't afford to be dragging a dry product around on them.  What really irked me is what happened when I rubbed my finger over them a few times back and forth:
Bright Eyes Liners after rubbing my finger on them
Yea.....they disappeared.  Completely gone!  And let me make it clear that this was just a dry finger rub:  no water or makeup remover involved, just my index finger.  My attempt at putting this on my waterline failed miserably as well, as I wasn't willing to apply it hard enough for it to even possibly show up.

It's saving grace is its use as a base.  Although the pigmentation isn't ultra-bright, it is colorful enough to make any shadow you apply over it vibrant and stunning.  And because of it's drier formula, it stays put rather well and my worries of creasing subsided.  Without these liners in Green & Yellow, I wouldn't have been able to create my Mrs. Grinch Holiday look.  These will definitely get a lot of use out of me for this purpose, just not as a traditional liner.

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes....kind of 

Easyliners & Fabuliner
Easyliner L-R:  Lavish Brown, Mint, Denim Blue, Smokey
Fabuliner:  Black
First off, the Easyliner.  This pretty much is gonna be a a duplicate of my Bright Eyes sentiments:  Formula is kind of dry, hard to use as a liner, best as a base.  I must say that the formula isn't as bad as with the bright eyes though.  Truthfully, it is a little softer and a little more pigmented so it does have some potential of me trying to work with it as a liner after all.  I think my favorite thing about this liner are the colors themselves.  Even though at first glance they seem normal (dark brown, light green, navy, gray) they are shades that I actually do not have in my personal collection.  Lavish Brown is actually a neutral dark brown whereas most dark browns I have found to be rather warm.  Mint is really a mint green-sky blue hybrid that I've never seen before in a liner.  Denim is truly a denim blue rather than just plain navy, and Smokey is a charcoal that has a bit blue undertones to it.  So although the formula isn't the greatest, the unique shades make me happy to include this in my collection.

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes

Finally, the best part of this haul:  the Fabuliner Liquid Liner Pen.  This is the best liquid liner I have ever used, hands down.  I do have to qualify that statement, however, in that I'm not a huge user of liquid liner, so in no way am I a connoisseur.  But this product has inspired me to explore liquid liners more.  It's sooooo easy to use because it's shaped just like a marker and it's got tons of pigmentation.  Two problems I've encountered when using liquid liners:  Regular liquid liners that come with a brush get globs of product on the applicator and creates a huge mess on my lid, while the eyeliner pens tend to dry out and don't have any product on them to apply in the first place.  With Fabuliner, both of these problems are solved.  It dispenses enough product in the marker tip so that a pigmented black line is easily applied on the lash line in one swipe, while globs of product are not put out of the tip at once so there's no mess.  Perfect!  You can see the product in action in my Maleficent FOTD.  

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES <3<3<3<3<3

Have you had any experiences with any of these liners?  Other budget liners that you'd like to give a shout-out to?


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