Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel Cream for Dry Skin Review

 I've mentioned before that my HG moisturizer of all time was Garnier's Moisture Rescue Gel Cream.  So you can imagine how excited I was to hear they were coming out with a version of the same moisturizer specifically for individuals with dry skin.  The original formula was already moisturizing enough for me so I was interested to see what the difference was with the dry skin formula.

The packaging here is exactly the same as the original formula.  It's housed in a small glass jar.  I know some of you don't like this style of packaging for hygiene reasons, but it doesn't bother me personally.
This dry skin formula has a pink tint to it, as opposed to the green tint of the original.  Other than the color though, the texture feels the same.  I was beginning to worry that there wouldn't be much difference at all.

Blended into the face, the cream does seem to be ever so slightly thicker.  We're talking a minuscule difference here though.  Whereas the the original formula feels as though it immediately breaks down into more of a liquidy state, the dry skin formula holds a bit of it's gel form for a bit longer.

After using the product for a couple months, I wasn't sure if I felt like my skin was being moisturized more than before.  My skin felt just as hydrated as it was before, but I figured this formula would take it to the next level.  Otherwise, what was the point?

Now that the winter has arrived, my skin has been getting drier.  I have found this dry skin formula to be more helpful than the original now that my skin needs more assistance.  

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES!!!

So I'm thinking that, although my skin is always dry, the dry skin formula is most appropriate when my skin is at it's driest.  I'll probably continue to use the original formula in the hotter months when my skin is doing slightly better.

You can find more information on this product on Garnier's website.  It retails for around $7.


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