Tuesday, December 18, 2012

St. Ives Naturally Indulgent Advanced Body Moisturizer

It's no secret that my skin is drier than the Sahara Desert.  It's probably my biggest beauty challenge.  Most products don't really help either, so I've gotten to the point where I just grab a lotion off the shelf with my only standards being 1) it smells nice and 2) it's thicker than water.  One of the many that fit that criteria is St. Ives Naturally Indulgent Advanced Body Moisturizer.  I didn't expect it go beyond temporarily relieving my ashiness, but boy was I surprised.....

First of all, I LOVE the scent.  The bottle says it's Coconut Milk and Orchid Extract.  I say it's heaven.  If you're a fan of Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy or Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP NYC frangrances, this lotion is for you.  It's that flirty kind of fruity/floral scent.

In terms of it's actual moisturizing abilities, it really did a good job on me.  It didn't cure my dryness or anything (nor did I expect it to), but it did feel like it really sank into my skin.  I never felt like I had to reapply between showers like I'd normally have to.

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES!!!!

If I was more faithful in applying it, I'd be interested to see if it really does improve my skin.  I'm kind of lazy in the winter when it comes to moisturizing my skin though.  If there's an area of my body that isn't going to show after I'm clothed, I usually don't bother with lotioning up.

You can find more information about this product at the St. Ives website.  It retails for around $5.


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