Saturday, December 1, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Backstage Review

Whenever Revlon comes out with something new it feels like a big deal to just about everyone.  A little while ago, when these Ultimate Suede Lipsticks came out with the name "ColorStay" attached to it, they were no exception.  It was no where near the pandemonium that the Lip Butters caused, but they perked interests none the less.  I found them and decided to buy the shade in Backstage.  Check it out!

Backstage is a deep berry blood red.  I don't have any other colors like this in my collection.  I tend to be drawn to the more summery shades, so I definitely wanted to grab one of the more fall/winter appropriate colors.
As you can see from the swatch above, it doesn't come out as dark or opaque as it looks in the tube.  I'd say it's got the same pigmentation as the Lip Butters, if maybe just a smidge more.  This means its a bit more wearable, though I was hoping the color would've remained intense, personally.
Right after application
When I first put it on, it went on smooth with a bit of a shine.  I did have to blend it in with my finger a little bit, otherwise some of the product seemed to gather up into a line on the middle of my top lip.  I experience with a few other lip products so I'm not necessarily blame it all on this guy.

It feels very light when applied, similar to the Lip Butters.  This is not a traditional, creamy lipstick that sits on you lips with a bit of thickness.
About 15 minutes after application
As time progresses after you apply, the product seems to begin to set.  By "set", I mean it gradually loses its shine and emollient quality.  It started to feel more like a stain minute after minute.  Before it completely sets, though, it starts to feel sticky.  I found that if I licked my lips a little bit the stickiness would subside a little.  

When it dries completely, it truly feels like a traditional marker stain though.  No longer stick after a half hour, it takes on a drier texture.  As you can see in the photo above, the lines of my lips become more apparent than after I first applied due to loss of moisture.  My lips were less chapped that day then usual, so the dryness didn't bother me too much.  Although, if my lips were their normal dry selves, I'd imagine it would've been more uncomfortable and unsightly.

After setting, I decided to go out to the mall quickly and while I was there I treated myself to some Auntie Anne's.  As I was sucking down some strawberry lemonade, I noticed very minimal transfer on the straw.  I thought things were going pretty well, all in all........until I got home and saw this:
Do see the disappearing act this stuff is pulling on my lower lip?  Ugh!  This was no longer than 2 1/2 hours after I first put it on.  And it's hard to tell, but it's also wearing away at the bottom of my top lip.  I look like such a mess!

Bottom Line:  Amber's not a fan....

This lipstick just didn't deliver on its ColorStay promise.  I expected a lot more from this.  I'll just stick with the Lip Butters for now, at least they wear off more evenly.

You can find more information about this lipstick on Revlon's website.  It retails for around $8


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