Monday, October 8, 2012

The King Kong of Liner Brushes: Sonia Kashuk Large Angled Liner Brush Review

Have you ever bought something simply because you were so bewildered by it that you had to have it to figure it out?  That's what happened between me and Sonia Kashuk's Large Angled Liner Brush.  I've never seen an eye liner brush so big!  Screw that, I've never seen any eye brush at all this size!  Quite frankly, I was scared of it.  But Sonia's brushes have never let me down so I grabbed it regardless of my reservations to try it.  Check it out!

Let's literally discuss the elephant in the room:  the size.  I'd say, in terms of width, this brush is at least 1 inch wide, maybe a bit more.  Thinking back to my own collection of angled liner brushes, I think the largest one I have besides this one is what?  A centimeter or 2 maybe?  This thing is huge!
Judging by its size, you might think this brush's edge would be thick, but it's not at all.  You still have the typical razor thinness you would expect of a typical angler liner brush.  But then, on that token, you might think that the brush would then be a bit flimsy when it comes to density.  Once again, it's not at all.  This brush maintains it's firm formation during application.

The reason the size concerned me so much is because with it's oversized, straight edge, I didn't thing it would fit my lash line very well.  Nobody's eye is the same size, nor is it perfectly straight, so I thought this would lead to an awkward lining job on my lid.

But in all actuality, this brush made applying shadow as a liner unbelievably easy for me.  I used to never use shadow as a liner on me because it always turned out wierd looking.  For whatever reason, though, Sonia Kashuk's Large Angled Liner Brush makes it quick and easy to get a soft, smoky line along my lashes.

You may be wondering how to go about using this thing.  What I like to do is get shadow on about half of the brush, starting at the longer end.  Then, with the longer end pointed outwards at my outer corner, I kind of just push the shadow at the base of lashes, eventually pulling upwards a bit to smoke it out a little.  There's no real stroking involved since as soon as I lay the brush down the product instantly transfers.  That way, there's little room for error.

You can also use this with cream or gel liners the same way, but I do tend to grab for this one specifically when I'm lining with a shadow. 

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES!!!!!

This brush has truly become a staple at my vanity.  I love it!  It's made lining for me so much easier.  I'd especially recommend this for people who wear glasses and can't see very well without them to do their makeup.  If you can just see enough to get this brush lined up correctly, you don't have to do any extra strokes or anything.  You're work's pretty much done for you :)

You can find this at Target in stores or online!  It retails for $10.


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