Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Latest Obsession:!

A few days ago I received one of my regular alerts from the You Tell Me page over at (if you're not currently subscribed to this page, you need to do that now.  I get so many heads-up on sales going on from there.  You can view/subscribe here).  This particular alert was about a sale where I could get Velour Falsies (which are normally expensive as hell), for a steep discount!

This sale was at and, although I passed on the Velour Lashes, I've been hooked on this site ever since!  Sneakpeeq is kind of like Hautelook but a little cooler.  They add different boutiques/brands to their site everyday at 9am PST (12pm where I am on the east coast) just like Hautelook.  Then you can click on the different products for sale and see their descriptions and regular retail price.  But in order to see the actual discounted "Sneakpeeq" price you have to click the "peeq" button under the price tag.  You only get 20 Peeq's at the different products a day, and I find that much more than enough for me personally.  

My favorite thing about this website is that as you "Peeq" around on the site, you get cool little badges to give you additional discounts.  Just for signing up you get a $10 off badge and I also got a free gift badge!  And everyday I get multiple badges for Peeq-ing at different items like $7 off, 25% off, 10% off, free shipping, etc.

Yesterday, I got the Real Techniques Eye Brush Set for $7 (with my $10 off and free shipping badges)!  I also took them up on their free gift.  From what I can tell on the website it's a rustic-looking bracelet with flowers suspended in amber (yes, I'm obsessed with my namesake :-p).  According to the website, it had an original retail price of $60 and a Sneakpeeq price of $32.  But all I had to pay for was the shipping, which was only $4.95.  From what I can tell so far, I'm not sure it's possible to purchases anything on that site without getting some sort of extra discount.

I think the site's focus is on smaller brands that are trying to get their names out there and making them more accessible to consumers.  They feature anything from makeup and skin care, jewelry and bags, to lifestyle products like food, decor, and even electric bikes!  And that's only what I've seen within the last 3 days of hearing of the website.

I really think you're missing out if you don't at least check this site out.  You might find yourself something really interesting, and at a great bargain.  I'm not sponsored by this site or anything, I just think it's really cool.  You can sign up here!


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