Monday, August 13, 2012

Beauty Sins Confession: I Completely Waste my Free Samples!

I love getting free shit.  It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's free.  So it goes without saying that nothing makes me happier than going to checkout at Sephora's website and seeing that I can get 3 free samples with my purchase.  I think this is a normal thing for all of us.  What I can't seem to figure out for the life of me is why I'm so anxious to grab these samples when I, literally, never freaking use them!

Just about a tenth of the samples I hoard
When you add up the samples I get from Sephora alone along with others from other sites, drugstore displays, beauty counters, and beauty subscriptions.....I don't even want to think about how many I really have.

I have good intentions when I grab these samples.  I always think its a great idea for companies to provide samples to customers so we can really get an idea on whether a product is for us or not.  It's also a great chance for me to try and fall in love with something I would have otherwise never had bought on my own.

So how is it that I don't actually end up using them?  Well, when it comes to skincare like moisturizers, the amount usually contained in a sample size isn't enough to really tell if a product is going to work in the long term so I don't feel like bothering.  The same goes for foundations and the like.  Sure, you might be able to determine your correct shade, but I like to try a product a few times to really get a feel for it.

And spawning from the limitations a sample size product is my own craziness.  Sometimes I really want to try things but I think, "Do I really want to use it right now?  Once I use it, it's gone forever....".  So I always put it off in favor of trying my full size products.

After I wrote my first Beauty Sins Confession about using my mascara beyond it's expiration date, I actually started to be more vigilant in making sure I wasn't opening too many mascaras at one time.  I've also been throwing mascaras out more frequently.  Confessing to you guys about my beauty shortcomings ended up being a sort of rehab for me.

So in honor of today's Confession, I'm planning a new post series on this blog.  I'm going to force myself to use up my samples by dedicating one day a week to a report on my first impressions of products based on the samples I've tried that week.  It's going to be either "Sample Saturday" or "Sample Sunday" since I'm limited to the weekend in trying to alliterate with the word 'sample' ;-p

Are you good at using your samples or do yours collect dust as well?


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