Tuesday, July 31, 2012

POLL RESULTS: What Disney Princess is most like you when it comes to beauty?

The results are in from the most recent poll on your Disney Princess Beauty Match!  Here are the results!

Belle:  14%
Snow White:  10%
Cinderella:  3%
Mulan:  3%
Pocahontas:  0%
Jasmine:  17%
Tiana:  14%
Aurora:  7%
Ariel:  7%
Rapunzel:  10%
None:  3%
Combination of 2 or more:  7%

While Jasmine comes out on top, there are no real landslides here.  As for me, I chose the Combo option.  In terms of my beauty personality I think I'm most like both Aurora and Ariel.  On the one hand, I'm girly like Aurora and I love playing in my makeup all the time.  On the other hand though, I don't let makeup get in the way of things I need to do during the day.  So if I know I'm going to the beach, for instance, it's waterproof or nothing.  Or if I know I'm going to be sweating, I'm not going to bother with foundation.

I'm glad there are a lot of Jasmine's out there though!  When I think of Jasmine I think fierce and daring, not afraid to wear bold makeup wherever or whenever she wants.  I wish I could be more like that!

You can check out my Disney Princess Beauty Profiles here!


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