Thursday, June 28, 2012

POLL: How many different kinds of 'Black' Mascara can there be?

In this past month I've been rather mascara-obsessed.  I don't know why but I just want to buy them all.  One thing that I've noticed because of this is how many different kind of 'blacks' there are in each kind of mascara. 

There's Black of course, and then a Black Brown for those of you who yearn for a more natural look.  Those 2 I get.  But then there's Very Black and Extreme Black and Deep Black and....well, the madness never really stops.  I even saw a Glam Black, what the hell is Glam Black?  

So in the renovation of my blog, I've decided to add a poll feature and the first question will be:  

In terms of mascara, which commonly used shade name for 'black' do you usually grab for?

You can reply to this by choosing an answer in the poll widget at the very top of my sidebar to the right :)  And if you have any additional thoughts on the topic, please do comment below! :)

As for my answer:  I tend to go for 'Blackest Black' if it's available.  I'm the type of person who always wants the most dramatic, darkest lashes as possible so I figure in terms of darkness you can't get any blacker than 'blackest'.  But then again, I'm not sure which is darker, 'Blackest Black' or 'Extreme Black'.  I think I just confused myself lol.

How about we slim down the options, cosmetic companies?  From what I remember in my high school art class, when it comes to black and white there's not much variety in tones with those 2.  


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