Saturday, April 21, 2012

Check Me Out on Instagram & Tumblr!

Just a heads up, over the last week or 2 I've been playing around with Instagram and Tumblr and now have accounts for both!  While the world of beauty will no doubt be a large part of both, they will also be more focused on my everyday life in general.  So expect a lot of pics of my dogs like the one above lol.  So if you're interested go check me out!

Instagram @ AMBERJOY9388
Tumblr:  Of Lace and Leather @

I'm not sure if I'll choose to narrow down my tumblr in the future to have one focus or not, but for now, in addition to random life tidbits and interesting stuff I find on the internet, I know I'll be posting all beauty hauls and books & movies reviews over there.  So, if that's your thing, Of Lace and Leather is for you!


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