Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quick TIP: Run out of Brush Cleaner? TRY THIS!

I've been looking for the perfect, most efficient and effective way to wash my brushes for a while now.  I've used actual brush cleaner (which was fine but a bit expensive compared to other options), olive oil (took me a long time to get all the oil out of the brushes, and baby shampoo (I know a lot of people like this method but it never fully cleaned my brushes).  Finally, yesterday while digging around in my stuff I noticed an old bar of Dove Soap I had but never used.  There's a strange phenomenon in my house where we always have bars of soap stocked even though no one in my house actually uses bars of soap (we're liquid soap people).

Anyway I decided to try using this to wash my brushes and I got the best results I've ever seen.  All I did was wet the brush, swipe the brush on the bar a few times to create a lather, and then scrub it on the palm of my hand under the faucet until it was clean.  I was able to give my brushes a real thorough cleaning without having to buy more brush cleaner or baby shampoo.  Since for whatever reason I always have bars of soap around my house I don't foresee having to repurchase anytime soon :)

How do you like to wash your brushes?


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