Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Give Up: Garnier Fructis 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment Review

I've had luck with Garnier Fructis hair products once.  It was the conditioner for long hair and it was splendid, but mysteriously it only helped my hair a handful of times.  It was like my hair got used to it and built up a resistance, which for me happens a lot more often I'd prefer.  But because of those few select times my hair was in love with the one conditioner, I'm constantly giving Garnier chance after chance with other products in hopes to feel that magic again.  Sadly, time after time, I'm disappointed.  However, I think it's finally come to the point I can skip the Garnier hair section at Walgreen altogether now as I hated the Triple Nutrition 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment.  Find out why after the jump!

Firstly, I hate the smell of all their hair stuff.  You know that avocado scent?  Yea, I can't stand it and this Dryness Reversal Treatment is chocked right full of it.  I mean, it doesn't stink or anything but it just gets on my nerves and overpowers the smell of all the other products I put in my hair.

Most importantly however is that this treatment doesn't do anything it's supposed to.  My hair is extremely dry so I expected some amount of added moisture from something that claimed that in 3 minutes in would "undo" and "reverse" dryness in your hair.  I got more hydration from a standard bottle of Pantene Pro-V shampoo.  Yes, better hydration from a shampoo than a conditioner, anything wrong with that picture?  But then not only did it not reverse my dryness, it left my hair feeling weighed down, like I needed to wash it again.

Any good stuff?  I liked the texture of it.  It had the same texture of a normal conditioner but then it had what seemed like little seeds in it.  I don't know what they were supposed to be or do, but it made me feel like I was applying something natural and earthy in my hair lol.

Bottom Line:  Amber HATES!!!!! 

Let me make it clear that I was in no way expecting this treatment to cure all my hair's moisture problem in 3 minutes.  But I did expect to at least see a small change in my hair for the day I used it, even if the effect didn't last.  I would've been better off not using it at all in the first place.


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