Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Is The Loneliest Number: EOS Lip Balm Review

I'm just going to start this post off by acknowledging the fact that I'm aware that I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like eos's Smooth Sphere Lip Balm.  I've come to terms with that now after owning this balm for over a year now.  After many failed attempts my lips just can't seem to get along with this cute little fellow :(  I wanted so badly for this to gain HG status with me but things just didn't work out.  Find out why after the jump!

I will say before I morph into Debbie Downer that I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE everything about the packaging!  First of all, its just completely darling with it's little egg shape and since the top screws on I don't really have to worry about the lid coming off in my purse.  I've found that when I used to use chapsticks, even if the lid didn't come completely off, lint or hair somehow manages to find it's way on or around the product.  This doesn't happen with eos.  Secondly, the actual shape of the balm itself makes application a breeze.  See, I'm one of those special kids that have to stop walking in order to apply lip gloss/stick/balm but with the sphere shape of this balm I can finally walk and apply at the same time, even without a mirror.  I can easily say that for me this is the best design of balm of all time and I wish all balms were made this way.

Now that I've said that, however, I've gotta be real:  this stuff did jack sh!t for my chapped lips.  I will admit that I haven't met any product yet that has completely fixed the dryness of my lips besides vaseline (too bad I'm allergic to petroleum :-\) so I had no expectations of that magnitude for this balm.  But most balms do at least soften the dryness during the time they're on my lips, just not long term.  This Smooth Sphere merely just coated the chapped parts of my lip but didn't soften them.  It just sat on top of my lips and didn't penetrate in the slightest.  

Bottom Line:  Amber HATES.....but, hey => props to the design team!

Even though I'm kind of alone in this, I'm not a fan of the Smooth Sphere Lip Balm from eos.  Just to make sure it wasn't just a weird time for my lips, I just tried it again months after my last attempt and it yielded the same results.  It sucks because I just adore the packaging to death.

If your lips aren't terribly dry like mine, this will probably be just find and dandy for you though, so some of you might still want to check this out!

On an aside though, I can't believe Whitney Houston passed away!  Doesn't matter how many times I hear her rendition of 'I Will Always Love You', her voice always gives me chills.  R.I.P. Ms. Houston <3


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