Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revlon 16 Hour Shadow Quad Comparisons

Yesterday in my Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Shadow Quad Review in Precocious, I promised a post comparing shadows that I already have with the shadows in the Revlon quad, so here it is.  As noted in the review, I wasn't too impressed with this quad in particular, but if you're looking for some dupes or similar shades of shadows from brands like Urban Decay, you might be really happy to get this quad.  Read on for shadow comparisons and swatches (Warning, a little pic heavy)!

First up, the highlight shade:
As I stated in my review, the highlight shade ended up being my favorite.  When lightly swept all over the lid, it leaves a wonderful kind-of "fairy dust" glow.  The only thing in my arsenal that came close was the lid shade from my Maybelline Trio in Almond Truffle.  In the pan, the Revlon shadow is much brighter and shimmery.  Here they are swatched: 
Revlon Highlight (L) & Maybelline Lid (R)
They are a little more closer in color when swatched, but as you can see here the Maybelline lid shade leans further to the gray side, whereas the Revlon shade leans more of a snowy white.  Revlon is definitely the winner here, as I find the Maybelline shadow a bit chalky.

The Crease Shade:
For the crease shade, it reminded me of the matte purples from my Wet n Wild Lust palette.  The obvious difference here is that the Revlon shade has a sheen to it, but when applied the sheen is not very apparent.  I also compared it to not only the medium purple WnW shade, but also the darker purple because although in the pan it appears closer in color to the medium purple, the effect it gave on my eye was more reminiscent of the darker purple.
Top: Wnw Dark & Medium Purple Mixed
Bottom L-R:  WnW Dark Purple, Revlon Crease, WnW
Medium Purple 
As you can probably tell, neither shade alone is that similar to Revlon.  The WnW Dark Purple is much too dark, while the WnW Medium Purple has more of a grape tone to it than the plum of Revlon.  The top horizontal swatch is of the WnW shades mixed together.  I found this shade to be much closer in tone to the Revlon shadow, and they look even more similar in person than in this photo.

The Outer V Shade:
Revlon Outer V (L) & Urban Decay Toasted (R)
NYX Mauve shade (L) & Revlon Outer V (R)
For the Outer V shadow in the Revlon Quad, two shadows came to my mind:  Urban Decay Toasted & a mauve shadow included in my NYX Makeup Artist Palette.  
L-R:  Urban Decay Toasted, Revlon Outer V, NYX mauve
Toasted has much more bronze in it than Revlon has, not to mention is much more pigmented.  The NYX mauve shade has more pink in it while Revlon has a bit more violet, although they share about the same level of pigmentation.

The Lid Shade:
Top:  WnW gumetal (L) & Revlon Lid (R)
Bottom:  Urban Decay Gunmetal
I saved the best for last.  Out of all the shade comparisons, I found the Revlon lid shadow to be closes to duping Urban Decay's Gunmetal shade.  I also found it similar to the gunmetal shade in the Wet n Wild Lust Palette.
L-R:  WnW gunmetal, Revlon Lid, Urban Decay Gunmetal
They are all very close to being dupes of one another, with their only real difference being that the WnW shadow is the most pigmented out of all of them.  If you've been looking for a dupe of Urban Decay Gunmetal, this lid shade from Precocious might just wet your whistle!

Have you found any dupes in the new Revlon quads?


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