Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer Review

In efforts to end my search for the perfect concealer for my skin, I decided to put Laura Geller's The Real Deal Concealer on my Xmas List.  Lucky for me, my awesome Mom obliged and I've been in concealer heaven ever since.  I know this is corny but, seriously guys, this concealer really is the "real deal"!  Find out why and check out the swatches after the jump!

I've become attached to my Almay Bright Eyes Concealer after many failed attempts at finding the right concealer.  Almay Bright Eyes is pretty good for my dry undereyes:  it's creamy enough to not attach to any dry  patches and it has just the right undertone to help conceal and brighten.  Unfortunately though, something is left desired in the pigmentation department.  It covers pretty good, but I wanted something more than 'pretty good', I wanted great.  So my search was not over by any means.

Enter my savior:  The Real Deal Concealer in Medium.  There's no doubt about it, this is a full coverage concealer!  But what makes it special is that it somehow maintains such a high coverage without settling into fine lines and hugging dry spots.  And it blends beautifully!  And lasts all day on me without setting it with powder!
As you can tell from the photo above, this concealer has yellow undertones but the yellow isn't too strong which is perfect for me.  The best part of the product though is how little product you need to get the job done.  In the swatch, I squeezed a minuscule amount onto my hand, about the size of a breadcrumb.  Then I barely dabbed my finger into what I squeezed out and spread the product out as you see in the photo.  And all of what you see is way too much to actually use on your face at one time, so typically you going to use even less than that.

This next statement might not make sense at first, but let me explain:  This concealer is a huge BARGAIN at $20. I know that's a high price compared to a drugstore concealer that hovers around $7 but that's based on price only.  My Almay Bright Eyes, for example, is 0.22 oz while Laura Geller's is a whopping .70 oz!  Less than a third less than you get in a standard foundation bottle!  And as I said before, you only need the tiniest amount to achieve full coverage.  To conceal my undereye and side of my nose, I only squeeze a bit of the product so it's just bulging a little out of the opening, then I barely tap my finger on the product, and that's all I need!  At that rate, I can't imagine ever running out of it, even if I used it everyday.  So yeah, you're gonna shell out 20 bucks, but you won't have to again for a loooooooooooong time!

As previously mentioned, it blends very well into your skin so while the Medium shade looks a bit light for me, once blended in the skin to looks perfect.  Sometimes I use it in lieu of a highlighter for a very natural brightened effect on my face.  As far as I know there are 5 shades:  Fair, Light, Medium, Medium/Deep, and Deep.  Something for everyone :) If you care to see me wearing it, check out my Daytime Mermaid FOTD.

Bottom Line:  Amber Loves!!!  <3<3<3<3<3

I think I've definitely ended my concealer search (for at least the next month or so lol).  What's your HG concealer?


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