Saturday, December 31, 2011

E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeshadow Swatches

Elf Studio Cream Shadows Clockwise:  Bronzed, Candelight
Teal Party, Purple Pleaser
I just wanted to share some quick photos of the 4 E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeshadows I bought during their Cyber Monday Sale.  I've been using this product in the shade Dawn for quite some time now and have been completely LOVING it.  In fact it was my summer staple, so I couldn't wait to get more shades.  Read on for more information and swatches!

L-R:  Candlelight, Purple Pleaser, Bronzed, Teal Party
Candlelight is a light, golden champagne color that adds a nice glow to your lids.  Purple Pleaser is a cool metallic purple.  Bronzed is a nice deep bronze with golden shimmers that I like to pop on when I'm rushing out the door.  My absolute favorite out of the bunch is Teal Party!  It's a gorgeous pigmented teal with a beautiful golden sheen that reminds me of a mermaid tail, which was the inspiration for my Daytime Mermaid look.  Not pictured here is Dawn, which I've had for a year before I purchased the rest and didn't think to photograph.  I highly recommend picking this up as its a radiant warm, shimmery taupe and get's the most use from me.

I'm a big fan of these products.  They are amazing in two ways:  1) as an eyeshadow base and 2) as a stand alone lid color when you're on the run.  They're creamy, but not so emollient that they'll crease.  Matter of fact, they never crease at all and are very long-lasting whether or not you top them with a powder shadow.  The only con I can think of is the bulky packaging that makes it a chore to store.  Other than that this is a complete shining star in my collection.

Finally, I highly suggest using your finger to apply these.  I don't typically prefer doing this, but in the case of these cream shadows it makes a huge difference.  When I first got Dawn I didn't like it but soon realized this was because I was using a concealer brush to apply it like I normally do with cream shadows.  Your finger works much better with this to really work it into your lid and get it blended properly.  

Bottom Line:  Amber LOVES <3<3<3<3<3

Just a note:  If you purchase this product and you feel that it is a bit dry, contact E.L.F.'s customer service and they will probably send you a new one or refund your money.  When I received Dawn, I noticed that it seemed a bit drier than what I'm used to with cream shadows, but it still performed well so I figured that was just how it was supposed to be.  However, when I received these last 4 shades, I could feel how much more creamy they were than Dawn and wish I had known that Dawn wasn't supposed to be that dry when I first got so I could have done something about it then.  

In other news, 2011 is almost over and in a little while we'll be ringing in the new year.  I, for one, couldn't be more excited to bid adieu to this year and start 2012 with a fresh start.  This hasn't been my best year but I'm really optimistic about the future.  Are you sad to see 2011 go, or are you rolling out the red carpet for 2012? 


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