Tuesday, December 27, 2011

E.L.F. Nail Polish (New and Improved Formula) Review

E.L.F. Nail Polish L-R:  Smoky Brown, Mint, Lilac
As part of my cyber Monday E.L.F. haul, I decided to pick up 3 of their polishes.  I've purchased E.L.F.'s polishes in the past and thought they were okay for $1.  I wasn't thrilled though and didn't have a real desire to get more.  However, a few months ago the company upped the price from $1 to $2 and claimed a new and improved formula, so I figured I'd give them another try.  Find out if the new formula is worth the doubling of the price after the jump!

Before I move on with the review I just want to note that although I ordered three $2 polishes in Smoky Brown, Mint, and Lilac, E.L.F. screwed up and sent me the lilac in the original $1 version.  Even though I would've liked the Lilac in the new formula, it did give me a good reference point for the changes they've made and the company promptly refunded my money, no questions asked, so no harm done.  
L-R:  Smoky Brown, Lilac, Mint
Firstly, all of the colors were beautiful.  Smoky Brown is a dark cool brown, Lilac is mid-toned cool purple, and Mint is a mix of light mint green and a dash of sky blue.  And all colors were opaque with the first coat.   Now, on to the differences:

  1. Packaging:  While the bottles, themselves, are the same, the stuff it comes packaged in was different.  This was how I knew they had sent me the wrong Lilac bottle.  Lilac came enclosed in a box and had no sticker on it.  Smoky Brown and Mint were just sealed in plastic and came with stickers that read "New Improved Formula!" on the caps.  
  2. Brush:  I'm not completely sure about this one, but I do believe that the brushes in the $2 bottles are a bit thicker or wider.  I asked my mom for a second opinion and she said she didn't notice a difference, but I just thought the brush felt a little different upon application
  3. Formula:  I can confirm hat the formula is, indeed, improved.  It's hard to explain.  I don't think the new version is thinner necessarily, but it's got more substance.  I found the original formula to be a bit shallow and goopy, with the color lacking the pizzazz of the new bottles.
  4. Longevity:  The biggest issue that I found with the old version was the dullness that would come about as the length of time you wore it went on.  I'm not talking about normal wear and tear, I'm talking it would go from a normal freshly polished shine to almost a matte polish within a day.  It also chipped within a small amount of time as well.  I did not experience this with the new formula.  The color went on beautifully and stayed that way until I took it off more than 5 days later.  
Overall, I think this new formula is worth the price hike.  After all, even after doubling the price of the original, it's still only $2 a pop.  Still can't beat that.

Bottom Line:  Amber Likes

So, what's nail polish do you swear by? 
Bottom Line:  Amber Likes


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